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    Philippine Delegation Visits Pindad


    BANDUNG - The Philippine delegation led by the Commanding General of the Philippines Army, Lt. Gen. Macairog S. Alberto, AFP carried out a visit to PT Pindad (Persero) in order to directly review Tiger Medium Tank, various other products and production facilities owned by PT Pindad (27 / 9). The event was also attended by the Philippines Presidential Advisers on Military Affairs, Lt. Gen. Arthur I. Tabaquero (Retd.), Director General Pothan Kemhan, Bondan Tiara Sofyan, Managing Director, Abraham Mose, Board of Directors and Pindad Commissioners.

    "We would like to welcome all Honorable Delegations of the Philippines as well as the Director General of the Republic of Indonesia Pothan. Today we will witness first hand the Tiger Medium Tank as a follow-up to the meetings and tests that have been carried out previously. We hope you can get a comprehensive experience about our best products" explained Managing Director of PT Pindad (Persero), Abraham Mose in his remarks.

    Bondan Tiara Sofyan is optimistic about Pindad's ability as the strongest defense industry and is able to develop its innovation and capabilities. "We from the Ministry of Defense believe in the ability of Pindad and fully support Pindad to innovate in the field of defense and the provision of defense equipment". Bondan also expressed pride in the good relations that have existed between Indonesia and the Philippines and hoped for better cooperation in the future.

    The Philippine delegation appreciated the warm reception of the ranks of Pindad. Macairog S. Alberto expressed his interest in various products, especially combat vehicles manufactured by Pindad, both with wheels and chains wheels. It was also mentioned in the presentation of Abraham Mose, that various combat vehicles had passed various tests to meet all the requirements and needs of Combat Vehicles for the Philippine Military. "We are interested in combat vehicle products, especially Tigers. In the future we will discuss further about the potential for cooperation related to procurement and development of Tiger competencies," Alberto explained.

    The Philippine military delegation also acknowledged interest in one of PT Pindad's flagship industrial products, Excava Amphibious.

    The activity was then continued by carrying out a plant tour and directly observing various products, production facilities and the special vehicle production process. A visit to the production facilities of the special vehicle division was enthusiastically responded by the Philippine Delegation especially when witnessing the parade of various ranpur and rantis made by Pindad including: Komodo, Anoa, Panzer 8x8 and Medium Tank Tiger. Representatives of the Philippine Delegation also tried to directly drive the Tiger Medium Tank.

    Furthermore, the Philippines Delegation reviewed various weapons products and ended with shooting activities with various weapons made by Pindad, namely SS2 V4 rifles, Mag4 Pistols and G2 Pistols. JO

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