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    Encouraging UKM Go International to Attract SBM ITB


    BANDUNG - To support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to seize business opportunities in the global economy, the Center for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth (CEIG) or the Center for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth-Birmingham Business School-University of Birmingham City, UK with the Center of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness (CK4BC) or the Knowledge Center for Business Competitiveness-SBM ITB conducts joint research.

    This research was conducted by the main researcher from BCU-UK Prof. Mark Gilman and Dr. Aineias Gkikas. Meanwhile, the main researcher from CK4BC-SBM ITB is Hary Febriansyah, Ph.D.

    Chair of the Center for Knowledge for Business Competitiveness (CK4BC) Hary Febriansyah said this joint research had been started since 2015, with special funding directly from the British Academy-UK, Birmingham City University and SBM-ITB.

    "This research focuses on how universities can support SMEs through developing entrepreneurial competencies, and their strategies in helping to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. This will help the growth of existing SMEs and new developments that support economic and social welfare," he told reporters when met on campus SBM-ITB, Thursday (9/26/2019)

    Hary assessed SMEs are the source of life for every wheel of the economy of developed and developing countries. SMEs and family businesses also play an important role in any economy.

    In addition, SMEs are very important for the Indonesian economy because there are around 50 million SMEs throughout the country. Although this may sound like a lot, it is relatively small when compared to other Asian economies such as China and India.

    "The most important thing is the growth and development of these companies so that they experience and strong performance which in turn translates into strong benefits for the economy and social order that they operate," explained Hary

    At present, the researchers have obtained 600 respondents from several regions in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Jogjakarta, Malang and Solo.

    "This research has produced three MBA-ITB graduations in 2018, and will increase the graduation of Masters and other scholars in 2020," concluded Hary (Pun)

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