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    Deputy Governor Challenges Creators Develop Islamic Boarding School Application


    BANDUNG CITY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum challenged content creators to develop applications to bring out the existence of Islamic boarding schools.

    This pesantren application must be able to identify the potential of pesantren which is said to have reached 10,000 - 12,000 in West Java, or the most in Indonesia.

    According to Uu, the number of Islamic boarding schools in West Java is still imaginary. There is no accurate data available so that its existence is not visible.

    "The number of Islamic boarding schools in West Java is said to be 10,000, but it is still imaginary," he said when opening the Technology Exhibition or Service and IT Product Expo as well as Launching Holding Company and Digital Products Introduction, at Cemerlang Hotel, Jalan HOS Tjokroaminoto, Bandung City, Saturday (28 / 9/19).

    In addition to counting the number of Islamic boarding schools, as much as possible the technology is also able to find out the number of students, leaders, and even the economic potential they have. "So the status can be clearer," said the Deputy Governor.

    According to him, technology is the backbone of civilization. Therefore technology is very important to be mastered by everyone, including in Islamic boarding schools which spread throughout the village. At present, the West Java Provincial Government is promoting the One Pesantren One Product (OPOP) program so that comprehensive data is needed.

    "Our desire, all activities and programs in West Java must be touched by digital technology. If we master this technology, we will advance. But if we don't understand, we will be left behind, "he said.

    At this expo, exhibited breakthroughs including Blockchain transaction security technology from CTS24 (Coin Total Service), Muslim House (RUMI), B'Series, Lestari, and DFC (Digital Filling Cabinet).

    CTS24 is a company that facilitates traders or crypto lovers to make Digital Assets exchange transactions or what is commonly called Exchange. CTS24 prioritizes speed and security in transaction processing with the support of Blockchain and DEX (Decentrelized Exchange) technology.

    While RUMI will help provide convenience for Muslims when carrying out any worship activities. RUMI will work closely with trusted Umrah travel organizers to offer attractive Umrah packages, guarantee security in transactions, transparent Umrah packages and a fast process of finding suitable Umrah packages. RUMI will be the first Muslim application to utilize Blockchain technology for data and point security as a benefit for users.

    There is also B'Series which is intended for small and medium businesses that are developing their businesses. B’Series will help record transactions, collect data, and financial reporting. System integration of each module and feature becomes the effectiveness of SMEs when using a system.

    While the Lestari application is a digital data collection of guestbooks to capture the moments of loved ones present at the event. The Smart Rating feature will guarantee a service from the Wedding Organizer. A breakthrough for an interesting and fun approach for each guest present as a new experience that will always be remembered.

    No less interesting, the application of DFC is present to facilitate file search, where each file or document will be registered by the system in advance to mark locations such as cabinet numbers and rack numbers. Every physical document will be stored in a cabinet and rack neatly and protected by mechanical security features that are already patentable.

    "I hope that the output of this event can be disseminated throughout West Java." I hope this activity is not only launched, but also socialized to the West Java community as a successful digitalization, "he said.

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