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    Social Ministry Add Participant of The Family Hope Program


    BANDUNG - Social Affairs Ministry in 2016 will increase social assistance recipients of the family hope program (PKH).

    Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa said this year it will add social assistance recipients of the PKH as many as 2.5 million participants, so that later there were 6 million beneficiaries.

    "In 2015, the range of social aid recipients only cover 3.5 million beneficiaries, this year we targeted to increase to 6 million beneficiaries," said Khofifah in her speech at the opening meeting of the Coordination of Social Empowerment Program, at the Savoy Homan Hotel, Wednesday (13/04/16).

    According to Khofifah, with the additional of the PKH recipient, central government has allocated funds amounting to trillions Rp 9,98.

    "The Central Government provides support to all kinds of social aid including food subsidy program through Raskin of Rp 21.8 trillion to Rp 99.8 trillion, PKH was out of Rutilahu, Kube and others," she said.

    Khofifah said the Bansos receiver underprivileged elderly over 70 years, amounting to 200 thousand per month with the number of recipients has been only 29 thousand.

    “Bansos recipients with disability categories, in each month receive Rp 300 thousand per person with coverage from the previous of 163 thousand to 22 thousand of persons with disabilities," she said.

    As for the process of disbursement of funds, it will be accepted by poor family reached of Rp 125 thousand per 4 months, people with disabilities will get social aid amounting to Rp 1.2 million per 4 months, while for elderly citizens over 70 years old will get of Rp 800 thousand per 4 months.

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