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    UKM Champion - Graduating, Increasing Competitiveness of West Java Handicraft Products


    JAKARTA - West Java Provincial Board Chairperson (Dekranasda) of West Java Province Atalia Praratya Kamil said, West Java Province has great potential in terms of crafts and culinary delights. In fact, the province with the most population in Indonesia has a variety of varied works from each region.

    According to him, at the moment the crafts that are quite attractive to the community include batik, arrowroot leather jackets, as well as woven and embroidery crafts from Tasikmalaya.

    "West Java is an extraordinary area with extraordinary people too. Because of that, we have a lot of work," said Atalia after attending the 2019 Smesco Jabar Festival at Smesco Building, Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 94, DKI Jakarta, Saturday (9/28/19).

    "In this exhibition we show that West Java has a variety of works, both craft and culinary. So we show the invitees how diverse West Java people produce works, even though only a small portion is displayed here," he added.

    Atalia added, now the handicraft industry is part of the creative economy which will later become a pillar of the economy of West Java.

    For this reason, the West Java Province Dekranasda together with the Office of Cooperatives and Small Business (KUK) continue to encourage craftsmen and culinary to develop and diversify industrial products that are expected to have high selling points and are ready to enter the global market.

    Head of the KUK West Java Office Kusmana Hartadji hopes that small businesses in West Java in particular and in Indonesia in general are able to answer the challenges of the times and compete with other economic actors.

    "There have been many Provincial Government programs, one of which is UKM Champion and UKM Grades. We support districts / cities to improve competitiveness through exhibitions and business meetings. It turns out that many SMEs are already competitive and some products must indeed be improved," Kusmana said.

    Kusmana hopes that this exhibition can foster public love for local products.

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