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    Subling, Ridwan Kamil Occult Prayers for Students


    BANJAR CITY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and residents held a magical prayer after Fajr Congregation at the Great Mosque of Banjar City,Saturday (9/19/19).

    Occult prayers are performed for students who die in fighting for their ideals and people's aspirations. Occult prayers are also useful pray for the victims who died in the earthquake in Ambon, Maluku and the riots in Wamena, Papua.

    Emil is concerned and expresses his condolences for some of the sad news. So, the magical prayer is performed as a form of respect to the fallen. "There was a supernatural prayer because these weeks many tests of Allah SWT for Indonesia," he said.

    Emil hopes that Indonesia will return to a conducive socio-political situation. Because according to him, conducivity is the main condition for progress.

    He also hoped that political activities at the elite level would be peaceful. Therefore, Emil invites all elements to maintain stability for the sake of the Indonesian people, especially West Java.

    "So dawn in congregation is very important, fostering togetherness while strengthening the spiritual business. This is Indonesia which has a culture togetherness, "said Ridwan Kamil.

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