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    Ridwan Kamil Meet the Demonstrators in Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil met students and students in front of Gedung Sate, Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung City, Saturday (9/28/19) night. Dialogue between the Governor and the demonstrators was held in a conducive atmosphere.

    Before the dialogue, two representatives of the demonstrators gave Emil a red and white flag, Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting, while accompanied by the song Tanah Airku. Then in turn they expressed their aspirations to Emil who was accompanied by West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Rudy Sufahriadi, Military Commander III Siliwangi Maj. Gen. Tri Soewandono, as well as West Java Provincial Government officials.

    One of the demonstrators' representatives said that the demonstration carried out in the last few days was a movement against the Draft Law (Bill) which was considered problematic, namely the Criminal Code Bill, Land Bill, Minerba Bill, Penal Correction Bill, Labor Bill, Bill on Formation of Law Law, and the revised KPK Law.

    "This movement is a rejection of problematic bills. The bill I mean includes the Criminal Code Bill, the Land Bill, the Minerba Bill, the Labor Bill, the Penitentiary Bill, and the Law Formation Bill, "said one of the student representatives.

    "And the Law that we don't agree with is the KPK Law. Because we consider the law (the revised KPK Law) to make the KPK not at all an independent institution, "he continued.

    In addition, the demonstrators also encouraged the West Java Governor to fight together through their respective channels, and demanded that the PKS (Eliminating Sexual Violence) Bill be ratified immediately.

    "Next, we would like to encourage the Governor to join in the struggle with us through our respective channels. If we are students through the streets, please take you through the power of attorney, including fighting for the PKS Bill to be ratified immediately, "he said.

    Another demonstrator representative, requested that there be an inquiry into the victims, including students who died. According to him, the action they carried out was the result of grassroots unrest due to the several bills.

    "Some of our friends have died, this incident is a major violation of human rights. It would be wonderful when the government thoroughly investigated this incident, "he said.

    "There must be a guarantee that there will be no intimidation and there will be no casualties. This action is a result of West Java's grassroots unrest, "added another representative of the demonstrators.

    Meanwhile, Emil also expressed his appreciation for the actions of students and students that occurred in the past few days. That is, said Emil, students and students in West Java have a high concern for the nation's problems.

    "I appreciate that I am happy that West Java students have high concern for the nation's problems. I pray for this critical spirit to be maintained, "Emil said before the demonstrators.

    "Only during demonstrations is not prohibited because it is regulated by law. What is prohibited is if it violates the rules, "he added.

    Responding to the demands of the demonstrators, Emil promised to convey the aspirations of the demonstrators to the Central Government. Because what the demonstrators demanded is in the realm of central government policy.

    "I was a civil society activist too. So, if there is a domain in my control, the response is not too difficult. But this discourse is under the control of the Central Government's decision, "he added when met after a dialogue with the demonstrators.

    "So what can be conveyed is that we convey our personal aspirations and views, after that, please be observed, decided. I think that is also a lesson for me in making policies in West Java, I have to interact a lot with affected communities, "Emil said.

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