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    Ridwan Kamil Keeps the Mandate of West Java IMM Students


    GARUT REGENCY  - * West Java Governor opens Regional Consultation (Musda) XIII West Java Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) in Islamic Boarding Schools Darul Arqom Muhammadiyah, Garut Regency, Saturday (28/9/19). On this occasion, Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil received five statements from the West Java IMM attitude voiced in a declaration.

    As a representative of the central government, Emil claimed that his party would submit a statement of this attitude to the Central Government through a communication channel.

    "Today I received a statement of attitude from the West Java Muhammadiyah Student Association. Surely the contents represented the spirit of demand from all students, "Emil said.

    "I, as a representative of the Central Government in the region, will immediately deliver it tomorrow through a communication channel of the demand read to the Central Government, especially to the President and related parties, "he continued.

    According to Emil, these aspirations are important to convey. Because the key to student action took to the streets in the past few days this happens, because there are aspirations to be conveyed.

    In addition, in his remarks Emil expressed his condolences for the death of Immawan Randy, in a demonstration in Sulawesi Southeast. Randy is an IMM cadre of Southeast Sulawesi Province. He also claimed to have performed occult prayers on activities Subling in the City of Banjar.

    "I offer my deepest grief because one of IMM's best friends, Immawan Randy in Southeast Sulawesi died by a situation like this, "said Emil.

    "So we also carry out magical prayers too, there are three namely in addition to Randy, there was also an earthquake in Ambon and the situation in Papua," he added.

    Silent Minority

    Furthermore, according to Emil the community is divided into two, namely noisy minority, a small number of people but loudly speaking. Second, silent minority, which is a large number of people but cannot voice their aspirations.

    "Keep students enthusiastic. Now, the silent minority is usually when they are angry, definitely leave it to students. So, students have social responsibility is also a mouthpiece of the people. Certainly with two advantages of students compared to the others, "Emil said.

    "One, who has intellectual power, distinguishes it from others, which may only be crowded, but actually the substance is lacking maximum. Secondly, students have an age factor, because it is impossible for the demo to be a battery, surely the community hopes for the students, " he added.

    However, Emil advised that the way to convey aspirations was followed by actions while maintaining conducivity and not damaging the facility public. "Because no one wants this country to fall apart. The condition for that developed country is to enjoy its social and political conduciveness," said Emil.

    In addition, Emil also invited students to become part of Indonesia empowered in 2045. Conditions for Indonesia to be a country fourth strongest fifth dam 2045 namely there are three, the economy is stable at 5%, competitive Human Resources (HR), and democracy conducive and peaceful.

    "I will leave these three to IMM, please guard them," he pleaded. 

    Here are five IMM West Java guidelines:

    1. Demand that the Government and the Indonesian Parliament review the KPK Bill and then review or re-evaluate the articles in the Bill KPK which can substantially weaken the process of eradicating corruption in Indonesia by considering input from the parties, at including legal experts, academics, NGOs who are concerned with fighting corruption. Because the weakening of the KPK is an act tarnished the spirit of reform.

    2. Condemning the unilateral actions of the House of Representatives and the Government which quickly conduct the legislative process of the Draft Law without conduct public examinations and in-depth studies, and do not consider public opinion.

    3. Demand that Indonesian President Joko Widodo immediately form an Independent Fact Finding Team (TPF) on the case as soon as possible the death of Immawan Randy, our comrade in arms who had died while carrying out his duties as the mouthpiece of the people of the moment demonstration.

    4. Reject the discourse on the Revision of the Criminal Code Act and urge the House of Representatives and the President of the Republic of Indonesia to revoke the discussion of the Criminal Code Bill from the discussion Prolegnas in 2019.

    5. Calling on security forces to take a persuasive approach rather than repressive in handling demonstrations.

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