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    Kite Lakbok Festival 2019 Steal the Attention of Foreign Tourists


    CIAMIS REGENCY- Kite Lakbok Art and Culture Festival in the area of ??Pesawahan Blok Kuntul, Sidaharja Village, Lakbok District, Ciamis Regency, West Java (West Java), was officially opened by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, Friday (9/27/19/19 ).

    Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - who was present accompanied by Regent of Ciamis Herdiat Sunarya and Deputy Regent of Yana D Putra also praised the enthusiasm and creativity of the people of Lakbok for the festival which took place 27-28 September.

    "I am sure the community is happy, Lakbok is special. The atmosphere of tonight I scored nine," Emil said.

    Supporting the sustainability of the Layang Lakbok Festival, Emil hopes that the festival will be held routinely with a competition system, and it is not even possible in the future to compete for the West Java Governor Cup.

    The 2019 Lakbok Flyover Director Irvan Nuary said, the festival took place by empowering the surrounding community so that it helped protect the cultural ecosystem in the midst of the Lakbok community itself.

    Irvan added that the Layang Lakbok Festival had a positive impact in encouraging the vision of the West Java Champion Born Inner through collaboration and innovation by taking a role in collaborative arts and culture through the festival network.

    "The Lakbok Flyover has a network of festivals, the Gayo Festival in Aceh, the Silalahi Festival in North Sumatra, and the Dieng Festival, a community-based festival network in Indonesia, which also networks with the 2019 Lakbok Kite Festival," said Irvan.

    He also hopes that more tourists will come to Lakbok so that it will give new enthusiasm to the local community in creating a forum for community empowerment.

    "Insyaallah Layang Lakbok Festival helps the government in terms of empowering HR (Human Resources)," added Irvan.

    This festival also proved to attract visitors, including a French tourist named Aliece. He said he was happy to be present in Lakbok watching the festival which he said was unique.

    "This is a unique and very interesting festival, I am happy to be in Lakbok. Moreover, once the kite festival is held but it is held at night, most kite festivals are held during the day," Aliece said.

    Just like Aliece, there is Tariyem from Cilacap who also feels comforted when he sees Layang Lakbok Festival. "I came here to see a festival that is not as usual, flying kites but at night," Tariyem said.

    As for one local resident named Siti Marfuah, he remembered his interaction with Ridwan Kamil more. Siti was glad that her village was visited by the Governor of West Java.

    "Glad, now I can see the originals," said Siti who previously only saw Ridwan Kamil on social media.

    Kite Lakbok Festival 2019 was even more lively with a variety of traditional art performances played by residents of Lakbok to entertain visitors, one of which was through the appearance of Doel Sumbang.

    The legendary Pop Sundanese singer admitted that he was amazed because there was a kite festival held at night. Doel Sumbang himself appeared to bring a number of hits, including Pangandaran Sea Side, Kalimerah, to the Meaning of Life.

    "Great Lakbok citizens, blessed to have a governor who mingles with his citizens, we are all happy here," exclaimed Doel from the stage.

    That night, the light of dozens of kites decorated with LED lights also flew in the sky Lakbok like fireflies.

    Along with the Layang Lakbok Festival, in Sidaharja Village, the 2019 Village Jamboree Jamboree was held on September 27-28, with around 5,000 village / lurah heads from all villages / wards in West Java.

    Inevitably, the Jamboree agenda on the same day made visitors to the 2019 Lakbok Layang Festival boom so it helped boost economic interaction.

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