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    Ridwan Kamil Recommends Exciting Holidays on the Citumang River


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY- Not only about the beach, Pangandaran Regency has the Citumang River, another interesting location, especially for those who like adrenaline.

    Citumang also attracted a variety of people to attend, ranging from students, office employees, mothers, to children. And, on Friday (9/27/19), it was the turn of the Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil or who is familiarly called Emil tasted the thrill of various outdoor activities at Citumang.

    Also present to accompany Emil at Citumang was his wife Atalia Praratya, West Java Deputy Governor UU Ruzhanul Ulum, Acting. West Java Regional Secretary Daud Achmad, as well as a group of Echelon II Officials and media crews who are members of the Gedung Sate Working Group.

    "Today I am very happy, together with residents, the press, and the officials of the Regional Government of West Java Province, after conducting our work meeting, we traveled on the Citumang river," Emil said.

    "The river is very clear, the color is blue to greenish, then the water flows calmly," he said.

    The first agenda carried out by the governor's group when he arrived in the Citumang area was to enjoy fish therapy in a small patchouli pond that ate dead skin cells in the legs.

    After the fish therapy, Emil and his group tested the body rafting activity by first stretching the muscles so that the body does not cramp and praying together so that the activity runs smoothly.

    During body rafting, participants can see stalactite caves as well as trees with roots spreading over the edge of the cave which serve as a foothold for going up and down.

    Not wanting to lose to other tourists, Emil jumped into the water from a height of 7 meters. In addition to jumping, there are also tourists who hang like Tarzan.

    "There are also differences in levels, there are jumping two meters, three meters, seven meters, and this is highly recommended for water trips with family," exclaimed Emil.

    "This indicates Pangandaran has a lot of tourism potential, there are beaches that are very well known. We all know, there are waterfalls, there are Cijulang, and this is Citumang," he added.

    While in the calm water flow, Emil and his entourage formed a train formation and floated along with the water flow. Once arrived at the dam, the group changed the formation into a circle, then continued to form the train formation at the last stage.

    Excitement was radiating. This outdoor activity in the water is carried out by Emil and the group while laughing and singing.

    "Anyway, Citumang is highly recommended, awaited by West Java families to travel in Pangandaran Regency," Emil said.

    "We will evaluate all tourist destinations, basically, in the West Java mission, we will improve all tourist destinations one by one until everything will be of international standard," he concluded.

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