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    Ridwan Kamil Hopes that Secretary of West Java has good and harmonious communication.


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said, the Regional Secretary (Sekda), both at the provincial and district / city levels, played an important role in development. Therefore, he hopes that West Java Regional Secretariat can establish good and harmonious communication.

    "Because if the regional secretary is united, West Java will definitely be strong," said Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - when giving a speech in the Forsesdasi (All Indonesia Regional Secretary Forum) Ngabajigur (Ngariung Together Jeung Governor) at the Hotel Pantai Indah Timur Resort, Kab. Pangandaran, Thursday (9/26/19).

    According to Emil, West Java Regional Secretariat must understand a number of development concepts, such as Dynamic Bureaucracy, Penthahelix Theory, Eight Budget Doors, and Digital Government, in the 4.0 era.

    "Together we maximize the coordination function and build systems. Emphasizing the bureaucratic revolution by utilizing technology," he said.

    "Because what will not be lost is an input problem. Including for the Regional Secretary. In the era of disruption, there were many complaints from the people who entered," he added.

    Emil also hopes that the West Java Regional Secretariat will not only focus on physical development such as infrastructure in the management of the Regional Budget, but also pay attention to inner development and an inclusive economy.

    "I entrust to the Regional Secretariat, if Indonesia wants to advance in the future, then balance outward and inward affairs," Emil ordered.

    "God gave a gift to the Indonesian people, that Indonesia in the future will be an example for other nations," he continued.

    Chairperson of the Regional Commissariat Area of ??Prov. West Java as well as Bogor City Secretary, Ade Sarip Hidayat, said that his party would try to implement what was conveyed by the Governor of West Java to be implemented in each region.

    In order to realize the West Java Champion Born Inner, Ade invites the Secretary of West Java to maintain cohesiveness, and commitment. "For this reason, the management meeting with the Governor is held every 3 months," he said.

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