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    Village Urban Village Jamboree 2019: The Spirit of Building West Java from the Border


    CIAMIS REGENCY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil officially opened the Village Village Jamboree 2019 in Sidaharja Village, Kec. Lakbok, Kab. Ciamis, Friday (9/27/19). Sidaharja village itself is a village located on the border of West Java and Central Java.

    In his remarks, Emil - as Ridwan Kamil was called - asked all stakeholders to focus on building a border village which is the gateway to West Java.

    "I pray that everything will go smoothly. I will send a message to Pak Dedi Supandi (Head of the Community and Village Empowerment Office) to focus on the border village. We will change the term, which was originally called the border, to now be the gateway to West Java," Emil said.

    According to Emil, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) is currently prioritizing village development through innovation and collaboration. One of them is by initiating the Champion Village.

    "What is a champion village? If the citizens are happy and no one moves from the village. Because they live in the fortune village of the city," he said.

    There are three crucial village problems in West Java. First, inequality in poverty and digitalization of rural and urban areas is high. Then, the Building Village Index in West Java is still low. Of the 5,312 villages, only 37 villages have the status of independent villages in 2018. The last problem is related to the village financial system which has not been maximized.

    Departing from these three problems, the West Java Provincial Government gave birth to an innovation called Desa Juara which had three pillars, namely digitalization of village services, One Village One Company (OVOC), and Movement to Build a Village (Village Gate).

    In order to strengthen the village economy while responding to the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0, the West Java Provincial Government also sought to improve the digital ecosystem by initiating Digital Village. Digital village is a community empowerment program through the use of digital technology and the internet in developing village potential, marketing and acceleration of access and information services.

    "We will insert technology to change the way villagers do economic activities," Emil said.

    Later, all public services in the village will be digitized, internet connections will be improved, command centers will be built, and village communities can utilize social media to promote and introduce superior products in their areas.

    In the fisheries sector, 1,039 ponds are using smart auto feeder technology. Through this technology, feeding fish can use a device. This makes the harvest can increase from two to four times a year. Percentage of income also jumped approximately 30 to 100 percent. With a smooth internet connection, fish marketing can be done online.

    "The result is that the usual harvest 2 times a year can now reach 3-4 times a year," Emil said.

    Then, at Pelabuhanratu, Kab. Sukabumi, fishermen can detect the movement of fish direction using the Fish-Finder application. This technology makes it easy for fishermen to track the presence of fish in the ocean.

    "Now we can use technology to know fish from right to left. If before there is an application fishermen can get 300 kilos per day. Now it can reach 1-1.5 tons per day," he said. "This is what is meant by the Digital Village concept," Emil added.

    Emil said that village development was not only focused on infrastructure or outward matters, but also on inner development.

    "Don't get torn apart. So one of them, we have a program in every village, one Hafidz Alquran (Sadesa)," he said.

    "So the pesantren is taken care of, the Koran is taken care of, then we present digital technology. Including the name of the Intimate Credit, 100 billion has been prepared. So there is no reason, with together, we go forward together," he added.

    Ciamis Regent Herdiat Sunarya meanwhile said that the people of Ciamis Regency were honored to be invited as the hosts in the 2019 Village Jamboree Jamboree and the 2019 Lbok Lakbok Festival.

    "Then we welcome (to) the Governor and his entourage, as well as the Village Heads from all corners of West Java. Alhamdulillah we can gather in Sidaharja Village, Ciamis Regency, West Java," said Herdiat.

    In his statement, Herdiat said that Sidaharja Village is one of 258 villages in Ciamis Regency. In addition, in Ciamis Regency there are 7 villages, 27 districts, with an area of ??1,433 square km and a population of 1,408 inhabitants.

    "With the appointment of Sidaharja as the host, incidentally the village of Sidaharja is one of 11 villages bordering Central Java," Herdiat added.

    Herdiat also hoped that the border village would no longer be considered as the tip of West Java, but would be the face or gate to enter West Java. "God willing, border areas are ready to become priorities as integrated growth centers," he stressed.

    According to Dedi Supandi, Head of the Masyara Empowerment Service kat and the village of West Java Province as well as the Chairperson of the 2019 Village Jamboree Village Committee, the activity that was held on September 27-28, 2019 was in accordance with the West Java Juara Village mission.

    It is hoped that the Juara Village programs will be prioritized to be implemented in the border villages. "There will also be a procession from every village / village in West Java. Also at night, there will be an agenda for eating liwet rice with the Governor in the fields. And the night of the Lakbok Kites Festival," said Dedi.

    "The next day, there will be a presentation of various village innovation stories and various activities, as well as seminars with speakers from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Ministry of Home Affairs) and the Ministry of Villages (Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration)," he added.

    Finally, Dedi hopes that in the Village Village Jamboree activity this time, the village heads, lurah, and other village officials can have a direct dialogue with the Governor of West Java while listening directly to the concept of the Champion Village according to West Java's RPJMD.

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