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    Discuss Spin Off, DPD RI Visits OJK


    BANDUNG- Committee IV of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) conducted a working visit to the Regional Office of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) of West Java West Java, to discuss and obtain information from the West Java Provincial Government, Sharia Banks / Sharia Business Units, Insurance Sharia and academics related to spin off (separation) of sharia business units into commercial banks / sharia general insurance.

    According to the Deputy Chairman of the Committee IV DPD RI, Ayi Hambali, a working visit to the OJK KR 2 West Java was to supervise Law No. 21 concerning OJK, especially the main one is related to the spin off time for Islamic banks.

    "What we pay attention to is because we are from the DPD RI, our concern is BPD-BPD, so BPD is the parent of such capital, to reach the capital figure, the asset is a bit far," he said.

    Ayi said, if you look at the problems faced by the BPD that currently exist, where they have difficulty developing their business due to various conditions, one of them is the main problem facing the BPD

    "Is this possible that the rules are too heavy, so it is hoped that if the rules are relaxed maybe it will be easier," said Ayi, after holding a meeting with the ranks of OJK KR 2 West Java, Thursday (26/09).

    Ayi added, if the current rules cannot be changed, what must be done to help the Sharia Business Unit in the BPD to change into a Sharia BPD is no other way, namely by spinning off

    "From this discussion, we conclude that the regulation should be like that, now it is only a matter of how we think of ways so that the Sharia BPD which is currently still a sharia business unit can immediately go up speed in 2023," he said.

    Ayi hopes that the sharia bank spin-off must be carried out in accordance with the law that the separation will be carried out in the next 2023 given that the sharia market share in Indonesia is very large.

    "The spin off must be done because as a Muslim-majority country the sharia market share is below 5%, still below the neighboring country that is Malaysi, then 2023 will have to be able to 10%, if the private bank has no problem, the desire of the bank owner to set aside funds to the unit sharia, "he concluded. (Parno)

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