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    West Java Provincial Government Wins Best National Supervision Performance Award


    SOLO CITY- The Provincial Government of West Java (West Java) won the award as the regional government with the best level of supervision performance nationally.

    The charter was handed over by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) of the Republic of Indonesia Hadi Prabowo to the Regional Inspector of West Java Province Ferry Sofwan Arif in the 2019 National Coordinating Meeting on the Implementation of Regional Government (Rakorwasdanas) at The Sunan Hotel, Solo, Central Java, Wednesday (25 / 9/19).

    Ferry, who attended the stage replacing West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, said that the Ministry of Home Affairs awarded the West Java Regional Inspectorate for three achievements.

    First, related to innovation through applications to facilitate the internal performance of the inspectorate and community service. West Java Inspectorate itself has made e-West Java e-Daulat application or accountability desk.

    Ferry said, the e-Daulat application was used to conduct accountability consultations between the inspectorate and the regional apparatus.

    "So it is not only those who come directly to the office but also can use the application electronically," Ferry said.

    The second application related to innovation is e-Tancap or Quick Response. This application was created to accelerate public complaints responses.

    According to Ferry, the e-step application has been synergized with the e-Report application which has been used by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (Kemenpan RB) and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

    "So with regard to innovation, West Java certainly has a storehouse of innovation, we internally at the inspectorate use applications to facilitate performance and service," Ferry said.

    The second achievement, which is related to follow-up findings. Ferry explained, the findings of the West Java Inspectorate that had been examined by the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Home Affairs had been followed up and completed thoroughly.

    "Now the follow-up of this finding has been completed 100 percent by us," he said.

    Third, Ferry continued, related to the West Java Inspectorate's obligation to get the task of Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP) or integrated corruption prevention monitoring by the Corruption Prevention and Corruption Prevention (Korsupgah) Team.

    "There are eight target areas that we have to complete and in our target by the end of 2019 we should be able to carry out 75 percent completion, we are gradually working on them," Ferry said.

    Ferry added that the achievement of the best national supervision performance award did not necessarily make his side complacent. West Java Inspectorate will still provide the best innovation, service and supervision in accordance with its authority.

    "In the future, we will not be complacent soon. We will continue to improve in relation to these three things," Ferry said.

    Meanwhile, Hadi Prabowo said that the Rakorwasdasnas was an annual activity of the Ministry of Home Affairs in the context of optimizing the implementation of regional government oversight and strengthening the implementation of the National Strategy for Corruption Prevention (Stranas PK).

    "The three major agendas in this coordination meeting are coordination of the supervision of the implementation of regional government, updating the data on the results of the implementation of regional government, and evaluating the National Strategy for corruption prevention," said Hadi.

    With the theme of 'Superior Supervision Apparatus Preventing Corruption', this year's Rakorwasdanas was attended by 1,200 participants from all regional governments in Indonesia, ranging from Deputy Governors, Deputy Regents / Mayors, Regional Inspectors, Heads of BPKAD, to the Head of Public Relations of the Regional Secretariat.

    In addition to West Java, four other regional governments that also won the best supervision performance awards were Central Java, D.I Yogyakarta, East Java and Gorontalo Provinces.

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