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    Awaiting the New Face of Kalimalang: From the Cultural Center to the Selfie Place


    BEKASI CITY - Kalimalang will be transformed into more interesting. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil fulfilled his promise to arrange the artificial river that stretches in Marga Jaya Village, South Bekasi District, Bekasi City, West Java Province (West Java).

    With the commencement of the arrangement of Kalimalang on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, Bekasi residents will immediately have an icon of green open space, recreation, and new education in their city.

    The new face design of Kalimalang itself has four zones (Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4) which are divided into a northern area of ??5,290 square meters and a southern area of ??13,900 square meters, with a total area of ??19,190 square meters.

    In accordance with Emil's direction - so Ridwan Kamil is familiarly called, the arrangement of Kalimalang itself aims to provide public open space so that Bekasi residents get closer to the water so that awareness arises to maintain the bridge to the bridge.

    For the first stage after groundbreaking, work will be carried out on the border project in the northern area of ??Kalimalang on Jalan M. Hasibuan.

    According to Sibarani Sofian, the architect in the Kalimalang Structuring Project planning team, the first phase structuring in Zone 1 was aimed at creating a celebration zone while still paying attention to safety aspects.

    "The aspects of safety, smooth flow (water), and operational maintenance of the channel are still being considered while implementing the proposed social space, activity space, and green space around the water body," Sibarani said in his written statement.

    After the arrangement of Zone 1 is completed, Sibarani hopes that the zone will become a gathering place, a selfie place, a place for dancing, to cultural festivals or other city events on the water's edge.

    "In this celebration zone, it will have a ngariung park, a children's park and a shallow pool, a historical park and the Chandrabaga bridge which will certainly be full of places for selfies," Sibarani said.

    "So that the people of Bekasi have other alternatives besides visiting the mall, but also enjoying green open spaces and interaction spaces along the Kalimalang," he added.

    The study of the arrangement of Kalimalang literature refers to the Cheonggyecheon River in Seoul, South Korea, River of Life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to the Cikapundung Terrace in Bandung.

    Later, the four Kalimalang zones have their respective themes, starting with the theme of celebration, education, ecology, and community themes.

    In addition to the arrangement in Zone 1, softscape plants, monuments, flagpoles, park signage, pedestrian / pathway will be built, to a small plaza along the corridor in Kalimalang. For people with disabilities, facilities for ramps have also been prepared so that the wheelchair can move comfortably.

    Sibarani also ensured that the arrangement of Kalimalang had anticipated the condition of the space around the river which was also used for the Becakayu Toll Road construction. His party has also given recommendations to utilize parking areas in the surrounding area, including Bekasi Hypermart and SunCity Square.

    "Alignment of toll roads and entry and exit points make plans to be adjusted several times. But our recommendation is to utilize the commercial parking facilities around and we propose qualified crossing facilities for access to the park," he said.

    Related to the flow of water, Sibarani said the sluice system and water level control had become the focus of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) of the Republic of Indonesia and the West Java Provincial Water Resources (SDA) Office.

    "We have followed the recommendations of SDA and BBWS to design with the recommended level," said Sibarani.

    West Java SDA Agency Head Linda Al Amin, meanwhile, said that the development of water tourism was carried out in order to improve West Java tourism and preserve the culture of the Pasundan Land that was not free from water.

    "The development of water tourism destinations is also expected to increase the pride of Bekasi residents, because it will have a conduit line as a public space in the middle of the city that is well-organized and well-maintained," Linda said.

    Revitalization and Structuring of the Kalimalang Channel and Bempal Channel will be carried out in 2019 and 2020. In 2019, the arrangement will focus on development on the outside of the water body which includes Art Park, and East Park and Historical Promenade.

    Whereas in 2020, children's play zones, shallow children's pools, ngariung rooms, seasonal flora parks, retaining embankments, inspection roads, light parks and pedestrian bridges will be built.

    "Funding has been budgeted in the 2019 APBD of Rp 4.6 billion for the arrangement of the northern side of the Kalimalang Channel and the 2020 RAPBD of Rp 26 billion for the arrangement of the southern side of the Kalimalang Channel," Linda said.

    In addition, Linda ensured that the arrangement of the Kalimalang Channel border would not disturb the caretaker Water Resources and carried out in accordance with regulations.

    Linda even hopes, with the arrangement of the Kalimalang Channel border, the concern of the Bekasi community towards the function and sustainability of Water Resources will increase.

    "This development can improve the function and sustainability of Water Resources and community awareness in maintaining Water Resources. The community is expected to no longer throw garbage and waste into the Kalimalang Channel, "Linda concluded. 

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