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    West Java Governor Realizes Bekasi Kalimalang Arrangement


    BEKASI CITY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil realized the Kalimalang arrangement. The first step in the structuring series began with the groundbreaking of the Construction of the Reservoir, Situ and Multifunction Channels of Water Tourism Destination Champion in Sempadan Kalimalang Canal, Bekasi City, Wednesday (9/25/19).

    With an abundant area of ??rivers, lakes, reservoirs, situ, and multifunctional channels, Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil - asserted that the Provincial Government of West Java (West Java) understands the potential of West Java as the largest hydrological pathway in Indonesia.

    For this reason, water has become one of the themes raised by the West Java Provincial Government in developing its tourism potential. Water Resources infrastructure (SDA) structuring is also in accordance with the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) of West Java Provincial Government in 2018-2023.

    In addition, water infrastructure structuring is an effort to realize West Java's third mission of accelerating growth and equitable development of environment-based and sustainable spatial development through increased regional connectivity and regional structuring.

    "West Java has reservoirs, situ and multifunctional channels which have the potential to be developed as leading water tourism destinations," Emil said.

    The development of water tourism destinations, continued Emil, can increase the potential for natural tourism and the potential for cultural tourism typical of the surrounding area, reservoirs, and channels that are explored so that it can attract tourists and increase economic growth in the community.

    The hope, construction of reservoirs, situ, and multifunctional channels can also improve the function and preservation of natural resources and community care in maintaining natural resources.

    Meanwhile, the initial stage of structuring the Kalimalang is designed to resemble the Cheonggyecheon River in Seoul, South Korea. The first phase structuring in the celebration zone begins in the northern area of ??Kalimalang on Jalan M. Hasibuan.

    The plan, said Emil, there are four zones that will be built related to the arrangement along the Kalimalang corridor namely the education, ecology, celebration, and community zones.

    "Kalimalang must become an international class destination. We have to prove that Bekasi has a proud place. So, Kalimalang will have to be missed by its citizens to be visited," Emil said.

    The community also, Emil requested, is expected to no longer throw rubbish and waste into reservoirs, ponds, and canals that have become tourist destinations because there are also a number of functions of water bodies, such as basic water functions, conservation functions, as well as social functions as a source of people's happiness.

    In addition to the Kalimalang area, the groundbreaking ceremonial also marks the commencement of three other water area structuring works namely Situ Ciburuy in West Bandung Regency, Situ Rawa Kalong in Depok City, and Darma Reservoir in Kuningan Regency.

    Arrangement of Kalimalang Becomes a Source of Happiness for Bekasi Residents
    West Java Provincial SDA Head Linda Al Amin meanwhile said, the Kalimalang Channel Sempadan Structuring will be carried out in 2019 and 2020. This year, the arrangement will focus on development on the outside of the water body which includes the Art Park, and the East Park, and Historical Promenade.

    Whereas in 2020, children's play zones will be built, children's shallow pools, ngariung rooms, seasonal flora parks, retaining embankments, inspection roads, light parks, and pedestrian bridges.

    "Funding has been budgeted in the 2019 APBD of Rp.4.6 billion for the arrangement of the northern side of the Kalimalang Channel and the 2020 RAPBD of Rp26 billion for the arrangement of the southern side of the Kalimalang Channel," Linda said.

    Linda also ensured that the arrangement of the Kalimalang Channel border would not interfere with the maintenance of natural resources and was carried out according to regulations. He also hoped that this arrangement would increase the concern of the Bekasi community towards the function and sustainability of natural resources.

    According to the Mayor of Bekasi Rahmat Effendi, he was pleased with the arrangement of the Kalimalang. "Not only infrastructure, but so there is public space for people to gather and express themselves," Rahmat said.

    "On behalf of the citizens and the Government of the City of Bekasi, to thank the Governor, this is extraordinary attention to the City of Bekasi, hopefully the Governor's long life," he added.

    There is also, Yanci, a resident of Bekasi City who participated in appreciating the arrangement of the Kalimalang region by the West Java Regional Government.

    Because, said Yanci, Kalimalang has always been one of the less organized regions, even in some parts it looks dirty and dirty.

    "Good. As a resident of Bekasi I agree, Kalimalang will be reorganized to be cleaner, especially if later it can become a tourist attraction," said Yanci, who claimed to have lived in Bekasi City since 1993.

    Yanci added, the Kalimalang area which was slum in the past was also quite vulnerable to crime. With the improvement, let alone designed as a tourism potential area, Kalimalang can be a new hope for the progress and happiness of the citizens of Bekasi City.

    Another Bekasi resident named Malik said he was happy with the presence of Kalimalang as an organized area. Malik hopes that Kalimalang will become an area that brings positive energy to the citizens of Bekasi City.

    "Hopefully the new year, there will be a new place to hang out," Malik exclaimed.

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