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    Uu: Whatever Advanced Technology We Might Not Eat Mobile


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum reminded all parties that farmers are the most noble work, because the work of farmers is needed by all humans. This was revealed by Uu when he opened the Posluhdes Jamboree or Village Extension Post in Cikole Lembang, West Bandung Regency, Tuesday (9/24/2019).

    "Want era 4 point 0, 5 point zero even up to ten, still we can't eat cellphones," he joked.

    According to Uu, it is agricultural products which become human food ingredients everywhere. Therefore, Uu invites all pohak to glorify farmers.

    "The forms can vary consuming local agricultural products for the community, and we, the government, with policies made in favor of farmers," he said.

    One of the policies of the West Java Provincial Government to support and side with farmers is to strive to continue to increase the number of instructors who are currently lacking.

    "We are trying to continue to increase the number of extension workers to increase the productivity of farmers. We also continue to improve and build irrigation. In addition, West Java is one of the few provinces that provide honorariums from the APBD for non-PNS extension agents" explained Uu.

    Uu appreciated the Posluhdes activity which was held by the West Java Food Crop and Horticulture Office, to further strengthen the capacity of agricultural extension workers in West Java. (Even)

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