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    Regional Regulation is Rejected, Islamic Boarding School Governor Regulation Issues Immediately


    TASIKMALAYA CITY- West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) keeps on making commitments to make a legal umbrella for Islamic boarding schools even though the Raperda on Religious Education (pesantren) is rejected by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    The Ministry of Home Affairs recently rejected the Religious Education Draft Regional Regulation because of issues of authority. However, the West Java Provincial Government continues to struggle to give birth to the legal aspects of the activities of Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) through a governor's regulation (Pergub).

    "Our alignments, our leadership and Kang Emil to pesantren must still have legality or legal umbrella," said West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum while attending the 1st Santri Muadalah (KDSM) Tent of West Java Provincial Level, in Karangresik Tourism Park, Kota Tasikmalaya, Monday (9/23/19) night.

    "Because if our partisanship to this pesantren has no legality, it will be vulnerable," he added.

    According to Uu, the pesantren governing body has now entered the completion stage. "Hopefully this (governing boarding regulation) will be signed by the (governor) and will be useful soon," he hoped.

    "That means we can pay attention to them (pesantren)," Uu continued.

    Through the pesantren governing body, around 10,000 Islamic boarding schools in West Java will get the budget from the West Java Provincial Government more easily.

    "First, alignments about the budget. Pesantren can get a budget. Not only those who submit proposals, but all boarding schools. Large or not later will be adjusted to our budget," he explained.

    The Pesantren Pergub will arrange budgets such as the operational costs of the santri and kiai. In addition, the governing regulation also regulates the authority of the West Java Provincial Government which can build pesantren facilities and infrastructure in the form of grants.

    "During this time the pesantren asked for a budget through a proposal, then the funds for development. Now, through this regulation, the budget given to pesantren can be like that (through a proposal) or pesantren can be made (facilities and infrastructure) by us through an auction, after we have distributed it to us. ponpes, "Uu said.

    Santri Muadalah Camp

    Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Uu opened the 1st Santri Muadalah (KDSM) Tent of West Java Provincial Level. This activity was followed by 11 Islamic Boarding School students in West Java. Each boarding school sends 10 male students and 10 female students.

    According to Uu, KDSM is important as a place for friendship and communication among fellow Islamic Boarding Schools. In addition, camp activities are also a means of evaluating the Islamic boarding school Muadalah. Muadalah program in the boarding school education system is a form of equalization of Islamic boarding schools with other formal education systems.

    "So, this Muadalah program is a form of government recognition of Islamic boarding schools," Uu explained.

    The KDSM, which was held on September 23-25, 2019, was the first camp activity held for Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia. It is hoped that the same activity can be held at the national level.

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