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    Emil Play 'Sondah' ??at Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil or familiarly called Kang Emil took the time to play Sondah, a traditional children's game in the West parking lot of Gedung Sate, Tuesday (9/24/2019), in the Our Main Jam event with the slogan Asik Without Gawai (Gosh) which was held wrongly one child drug company. Kang Emil looked shrewd both when he threw the critical circle and when jumping up and down, even though he looked a little tired.

    "The government supports social movements for children returning to traditional games to build a better society someday. We assess this movement in line with the focus and commitment of the government in realizing the development of human resources," said Kang Emil.

    According to him in the current technological era, it needs a balance where children must also be stimulated by motor movements with traditional games.

    "This traditional game stimulates motor movement, so that it can run in balance later, not focused on devices or gadgets," Ridwan Kamil explained.

    Kang Emil hopes that similar events can be held in the area to the village area, driven by the community or the community supported by the local government. (Even)

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