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    Emil: Demonstration, Dialogue Room needs to be opened


    BANDUNG - A little riot occurred during a student demonstration in front of the West Java DPRD building Jl. Diponegoro Monday night, unfortunately West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil. According to him, such an event would not occur if the central government opened a lot of dialogue space before deciding on something.

    "There should be a lot of dialogue spaces opened by the government before deciding on something especially if the material concerns people," he said, Tuesday (9/24/2019).

    Ridwan Kamil said he was concerned that there had to be injuries both on the part of students and security forces.

    "Yesterday it was forced to be disbanded because the demonstration had passed the allowed time limit of 6 pm. Yes, I regret that there were victims of injuries," he said.

    Kang Emil hopes that students or all parties can express their aspirations peacefully and according to the rules, while the authorities also hope to be persuasive. (Even)

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