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    Governor: Certification to Improve People's Economy


    GARUT - A total of 1,250 residents of Badega Village, Cipangramatan Cikajang District of Garut, get certificates land for free. This effort to enhance the public welfare.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, after handing certificates to the residents said people's economy can be achieved if people possess the land itself not just as workers.

    "We particularly welcome the program of the Ministry of Agricultural, especially this being the first breakthrough in West Java," he said.

    The provision of free land certificates will also be given to other citizens who have been working on concession land that is no longer extended by the state.

    "There will be many area, after this in Cianjur, Sukabumi and Bogor," he said.

    Aher added, it will coordinate with the local BPN for land record that could be given to citizens. Because he thinks if people own land, although a small extent, it will boost their economies. "This is the essence of the people's economy," he said.

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