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    Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education Urges Students to Return to Campus


    BANDUNG - Student demonstrations from various regions in Indonesia re-occurred on Tuesday (24/9) to request the cancellation of the KPK Law, the Criminal Code Bill and a number of other bills. For the student demonstration the Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) M. Nasir appealed for students to better return to campus and not continue their demonstration.

    "I am not allergic to the demonstration, but it is better done by way of dialogue, a good way, students come back to campus," he said while in Cimahi City, Tuesday (9/24).

    He said the government in this case the president had committed to strengthen the KPK through the revision of the KPK Law. He also said that the government had decided to postpone the Criminal Code Bill so that the student guidelines had actually been successful.

    "The Criminal Code Act is a product of Dutch heritage, there must be improvements. Likewise with the existence of the KPK, don't worry about repairs if necessary, "he said.

    He stressed that the chancellors must be able to direct their students back to campus. Even if the demo is disgusting, it should encourage peaceful demonstrations and prioritize dialogue.

    "There are no (sanctions), students are smart, many innovations, intellectual candidates for the future of the nation," he said when asked the possibility of sanctions will be given to students who carry out demonstrations. Jo

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