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    BPPT: The Fastest Development of CTP in Cimahi City


    BANDUNG - Cimahi Technopark in the Baros area of ??Cimahi City was initiated since 2010 but was only built in 2015-2017. According to Hamam Riza, Head of the Technology Assessment and Application Center (BPPT), development in Cimahi is among the fastest.

    "Other regions need up to 10 years, Cimahi will be completed in 5 years," he said in his remarks inauguration of CTP in Cimahi City, Tuesday (9/24).

    He said the construction of the CTP was one indicator of the successful performance of the 2015-2019 BPPT strategic plan. But on the other hand, he stressed there must be a commitment to take advantage of the existence of this CTP.

    He said the development of technopark is in accordance with PP 2/2015 regarding the improvement of science and tecknopark development as an agenda of Nawacita.

    West Java Assistant Governor Dudi Sudrajat read the governor's remarks saying when entering industry 4.0 there were five sectors of West Java's concern namely food and drinking, automotive, electronics, chemicals and textiles.

    "West Java is serious, the proof is that it has regulation number 15/2017 on the creative economy boom, and there is even an MOU with Bekraf," he stressed.

    He added that West Java is committed to building creative economic centers in every region in West Java while building its creative ecosystem. Jo

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