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    Damri is Still the Choice of Transportation for Public who Fly from BIJB Kertajati


    MAJALENGKA REGENCY- Since the route arrangement has been carried out from Husein Sastranegara Airport (BDO) to Kertajati International Airport (KJT), Damri Bus is still the public transportation choice. Besides being free, Damri offers trips every two hours to reach the airport in the Majalengka Regency.

    Not only Damri, PT Bandarudara Internasional West Java (BIJB) also embraces other modes of transportation such as shuttle and online taxis as the choice of people who want to fly from Kertajati Airport. There are 11 transportation options with 11 routes available today namely; Bandung, Cirebon, Kuningan, Indramayu, Tasikmalaya, Purwakarta, Sumedang, Karawang, Majalengka and Tegal.

    "The choice of transportation modes to reach the Kertajati Airport is quite a lot, but indeed Damri is still the choice of the community because it is free. This is a form of attention of the government's goodness to Kertajati Airport," said Director of PT BIJB Muhamad Singgih in his written statement in Majalengka, Monday, September 23 2019.

     Of note, from 1 - 19 September 2019 there were 14,253 people accommodated by various modes of transportation using Kertajati Airport facilities for flying options. During that period around 9,823 people chose the Damri Bus. The rest use online shuttle and taxi.

     Passengers are apparently still dominated by the Greater Bandung area with passenger numbers reaching 11,647 people. Followed by Cirebon with 1,161 and Sumedang and Tasikmalaya, each approaching 400 people.

     "What makes us surprised is that Tegal people use the airport quite a lot. In just two weeks there were 219 people using public transportation. This data has not yet used private vehicles," he explained.

    PT BIJB and several parties according to Singgih still have a big job to create passengers in the coverage areas such as Indramayu, Kuningan and Majalengka. Moving to the West there are also large potential passengers in Karawang, Purwakarta and Subang which are being maximized for socialization.

    "We want the airport that has been made with great difficulty to be felt by the people of West Java. Not only the Majalengka, Cirebon or Bandung, but all of them. Moreover, I am optimistic if the Cisumdawu Toll Road is completed, the Airport and the potential of this region will develop rapidly. Because Cisumdawu this is indeed the key to maximizing this airport, "he added.

    Singgih explained, the number of passengers after effective route arrangement began on June 30, 2019, indeed experienced a significant increase in the number of passengers who could touch 4,000 passengers a day. But now when entering the low season period the number of passengers is still around 2,500 - 3,000 every day.

     "When there is a decrease it is natural because it is now entering low season. This is also experienced by other airports when entering this period," added Singgih while mentioning the number of passengers on Kertajati since the arrangement of the route until September 22 reached 243,756 passengers.

    Naming BJ Habibie Airport

    The issue of naming Kertajati Airport to become BJ Habibie Airport sticks out a week back. Kertajati Airport, which is currently still using a temporary name, is considered appropriate as a form of respect for the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia in the world of Aerospace.

    Singgih admitted, the name of the late BJ Habibie was indeed so big and fragrant in the world of national and international aerospace. The smart and brilliant technocrat figure is already well known through his innovations in the field of aerospace and aviation. At least four types of aircraft, namely N 250, R 80, C-130 Hercules, and Dornier Do 31 are the results of his work. So the naming of BJ Habibie does not matter as long as it is a mutual agreement.

    "Basically we leave the airport naming to the West Java Provincial Government, which of course is through the approval of the DPRD. We are only the executor of those who run the airport business and will follow what the community wants and it is decided by the Governor of West Java," he explained.
    "But what is certain is that the name Habibie will have a good impact on Kertajati because in Aerocity Kertajati itself there will be a kind of hangar for making aircraft production from the ideas of Mr. Habibie," answered Singgih.

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