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    ITB Rector Candidates Exposed ITB in the Future


    BANDUNG - As many as 30 nominees who took part in the ITB Chancellor Election process 2020-2025 gave a presentation and question and answer for ITB for the next five years before 14 Expert Panels from various elements of stake holders, the Board of Trustees, and several members of the Academic Senate. The activity took place on 20-21 September 2019, in the CRCS ITB Building, Jalan Ganesa No. 10 Bandung.

    The exposure activities of the nominees are divided into two days, on the first day there are 15 nominees and the second day there are also 15 nominees. "The presentation went smoothly according to plan and all nominees gave the best for ITB, the nominees have special strengths in certain fields and hopefully all of this will be an important part for ITB in the 2020-2025 period. Because the content presented is all "Towards a better ITB, how ITB faces the future," said Chairman of ITB MWA, Yani Panigoro, acknowledged the ITB press release on Monday.

    Yani believes, if the ideas for ITB presented by the nominees could be collaborated by the elected rector later, ITB would be even better. As for the next agenda, of the 30 nominees will be filtered into 10 ITB Rector Candidates by MWA. "We will have a meeting with the Expert Panel team to decide on the 10 ITB Chancellor Candidates, after another assessment is carried out as part of the assessment. About 10 October 2019 we will announce 10 names of ITB Rector Candidates," he added. But he admitted, the process of determining the 10 names was indeed difficult, because each nominee had a unique and very good idea for ITB.

    Then from the 10 prospective candidates will be filtered back into 3 names as ITB Rector Candidates 2020-2025 by the Academic Senate. Yani continued, after 10 nominees were determined, each of the candidates would present their exposure in front of the Academic Senate.

    "We will choose the best, among the best. It's difficult, but I am sure all will accept, because this process is open, transparent, and does not cover up anything. We receive input from the public, from email or the media. we also receive input from state institutions, "he said.

    Yani hopes that the elected rector must be able to reflect the collaboration of diversity found in the ITB Campus, as ITB's motto is 'In Harmonia Progressio'. "The elected Chancellor can later become the leader of ITB 'orchestra'. The campus is students and lecturers from Aceh to Papua, then ITB also has 4 education clusters namely science and technology, engineering, arts, and business management, all of which must be collaborated," he said . Jo

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