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    West Java Provincial Government Supports Local Enchantment Festival Becomes an Annual Event in Bandung


    BANDUNG CITY - The Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) of West Java (West Java) fully supports the 2019 Local Enchantment Festival event this year organized by Adira Finance in front of Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro, Bandung City.

    According to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil or who is familiarly called Emil, the West Java Provincial Government supports the Local Enchantment Festival in Bandung to become an annual event because the festival also preserves the arts and culture of West Java.

    "Why do we always support, because this (festival) preserves the culture of West Java from all cities / regencies," said Emil when opening the 2019 Local Enchantment Festival, Saturday (9/21/19) night WIB.

    "If not us, who else preserves. Culture is an identity that distinguishes us from others," he said.

    "So, this is an event that has been decided every year to be present here, later at Gasibu as well, later at Gedung Sate," Emil added.

    The 2019 Local Enchantment Festival as a national scale event itself is an activity that explores the richness of customs, arts and culture, as well as various other local wisdoms from West Java.

    Furthermore, Emil explained that the content at the 2019 Local Enchantment Festival was in accordance with the vision and mission of West Java to revive local culture so as to balance the culture that exists in the daily life of the community.

    "We support it once a year because the content is very compatible with the vision and mission of West Java, namely local cultural content is revived, preserved, popularized, to compensate for cultures that are too popular, which are too foreign that are present in the daily lives of West Java residents, especially Millennial children, "Emil said.

    West Java Provincial Government has also committed to making tourism as an economic locomotive because this sector can embrace all groups of people in improving the economy.

    Currently, the West Java Provincial Government is building a cultural center and creative center that is spread throughout the districts / cities.

    In addition to the Cultural Carnival Parade, there are also jaipong dance performances, rendang drum, Contemporary Local Dance Competition, Contemporary Local Typical Motif Design Competition, Local Celebrity Style Competition, to the Culinary Festival and Foodtruck.

    Adira Finance President Director Hafid Hadeli said, the Local Enchantment Festival was an Adira Finance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program held in the framework of Adira Finance's 29th anniversary.

    This year, there are around 3,500 participants taking part in the 2019 Local Enchantment Festival in the City of Bandung. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of exciting and interesting activities, start following local games, see a bazaar of various local West Java products and the automotive market, as well as indulge in the music of domestic musicians such as Judika and the Juicy Luicy Band.

    "Through the Local Enchantment Festival, Adira Finance invites people in West Java, especially the City of Bandung to jointly promote the potential and local wisdom, so as to attract both local and foreign tourists to visit and enjoy memorable local experiences," said Hafid.

    The 2019 Local Enchantment Festival will be held in seven major cities representing all the Adira Finance branch areas, namely Bandung, Denpasar, Surabaya, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Makassar and Medan, from August to November 2019.

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