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    Agriculture Sector Become Attention West Java Provincial Government


    CIANJUR REGENCY- West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, West Java became one of the largest rice barns in Indonesia with production of 13.52 million tons or 15.38 percent of total national production.

    Therefore, said Uu, the West Java Provincial Government will continue to pay attention to the condition of agriculture.

    "Because, the agricultural sector, especially food, is a vital factor for the people of West Java and nationally," Uu said while giving direction as well as in touch with the Farmers / Field Agricultural Extension Group (PPL) at the Cikadu Horticultural Seed Service Unit, Kab. Cianjur, Friday (9/20/19).

    "So in West Java, Perda Sawah Abadi's Perda is implemented as a solution so that the existence of rice fields does not run out quickly," he added.

    According to Uu, Perda Sawah Abadi became one of the solutions to maintain the existence of rice fields in West Java. Thus, the number of West Java farmers' production is stable.

    "There are challenges in agriculture. Namely land (agriculture) is increasingly narrowing. The solution is Perda Sawah Abadi and the hope is that it will be followed by other regency / city governments," he said.

    In addition, the weather is a challenge in the agricultural sector. Therefore, said Uu, there must be education related to the environment to the community. Another problem is the next generation. At present, there is rarely a generation of young people who want to become farmers.

    "Certainly, agriculture must be made a profit-oriented business sector, where this factor is the consideration of the younger generation in pursuing a business," he said.

    In the agriculture and plantation sector, the West Java Provincial Government has innovated by launching the Stomach Lape on the Information System for Land Use Map. Through this application, land use can adjust the type of commodity planted to the land conditions and planting time.

    Uu hopes that the link-and-match between land and its benefits can increase the amount of production while preserving the environment.

    "So assistance for agriculture, such as tools, must reach farmers who need it," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Food Crop and Horticulture Service Prov. Jabar M Ruslan said the area of ??land owned by the West Java Provincial Government in the Cikadu region was around 2,100 hectares. Meanwhile, the economic potential of Cikadu Subdistrict, Cianjur Regency, including palm sugar.

    "Some community groups have even turned it into sugar ants," Ruslan said.

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