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    AMS is Ready to Run 2020


    GARUT REGENCY- The Ajengan Mauk School or AMS Program is ready to run in 2020. West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said a budget of 10 billion has been budgeted in the 2020 APBD in the West Java Education Office. This was revealed by Uu after being a speaker in the Guiding activities for high school / vocational and high school principals at the Harmoni Garut hotel, Wednesday (18/9/2019).

    "We have budgeted ten billion for the program to enter school, then it is hoped that the city district government can also set aside funds from the government for the program," he said.

    The AMS program was rolled out because the West Java Provincial Government considered the religious education curriculum in schools considered too minimal or too little time.

    "Whereas we want to shape the character of students. While the formation of character can not only with worldly science but must with the science of ukhrowi" explained Uu

    Touching on the matter of human resources or teaching staff to be appointed, Uu explained that he would coordinate with the regencies of the city who knew better which ones could be chosen.

    "That later we will coordinate with the district of the city because it is the area that knows for sure the human resource that can be chosen" said Uu.

    Besides AMS West Java Provincial Government also rolled out the Koran Magrib program for elementary and junior high school students, with the same objective of forming religious character. According to Uu the evening teaching program even began gradually. (Even)

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