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    West Java Development Priorities


    BANDUNG-West Java development plan in 2017 will focus on some important issues to be a priority.

    Including an increase in the education, health, public purchasing power, food security, family resilience, poverty alleviation, reduction in the open unemployment rate, handover the governance of SMA/SMK, elections simultaneously in Regency/City and achievement indicators as well as mission work in West Java RPJMD (Regional Development Plan).

    It thus said by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) when opened Virtual Musrenbang, Tuesday (12/4) located in Bappeda Building West Java Province.

    Governor revealed it will focus on these issues, that necessary change the development paradigm that emphasises the importance priority based on the development programs and cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and measurable.

    "This is in accordance with the directives of the central government because it will be aligned with national priorities in the government work plan in 2017," said Aher.

    Therefore Aher hopes through the Virtual Musrenbang for the second time, all stakeholders in provincial and regency/city is able to present the development planning process that is efficient, effective, participative and accountable so that quality development planning documents will be achieved.

    "It's all for the welfare of the people, therefore I urge the stakeholders together and optimistic for development in West Java," said Aher.

    Virtual Musrenbang filled with dialogue between the Governor and Regent/Mayor on development programs and problems faced in each area. The discussion will then be collected and compiled in RKPD West Java in 2017 which will then become a reference for the Draft Budget and Expenditure in 2017 and prepare a work plan in the regional organisation (OPD).

    "Virtual Musrenbang aims to formulate development priorities with reference to the results of Musrenbang in Regency/City,” said Aher.

    "Alhamdulilah, thank you all for attending and we can communicate directly via this teleconference, this is very effective can reduce the cost as well," he added.

    Aher expects the achievement of development targets by 2015 can be achieved again in subsequent years. "The pace of our economic growth last year may reach 5 percent, GDP per capita we are also improving and inflation remains in our control to reach 2.73 percent. 

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