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    Supporting Public Transportation Innovations, West Java Governor Gives 17 Awards at 2019 Provincial National Transportation Day


    BEKASI REGENCY- The Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil said, approximately 60 percent of the national industrial area is in West Java. This shows the comfort and quality of transportation infrastructure facilities that smooth business and investment.

    "Where there is a smooth transportation, there is a smooth development," said Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - while attending the commemoration ceremony of the West Java Provincial Level National Transportation Day 2019 at the Bekasi Regency Regional Government Plaza, Thursday (19/9/19 ).

    In order to expedite transportation, Emil said the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) will revitalize 45 toll roads, six railway lines, Kertajati West Java International Airport, fast trains, and airport development in Pangandaran and Sukabumi.

    There are also plans to build parallel roads for large vehicles between districts / cities for safety in driving. In addition, Emil also encouraged a culture of riding in mass / public transportation.

    "It is an innovation investment that we are developing, but the most important thing is we have to motivate the citizens to ride public transportation vehicles," Emil added.

    The urgency of rising public transportation is strengthening as the economic growth accelerates to 5.8 percent which makes people have the ability to buy vehicles.

    Referring to the urban and regional spatial theory, Emil said that movement with private vehicles would be a burden of problems. So that even though the road is widened, it is inevitable that traffic will again occur.

    Emil also said, developed countries have a 70 percent increase in public transportation, with the remaining 30 percent using private vehicles. "But in Indonesia is still upside down, the majority are still private vehicles. Minorities use public transportation," Emil said.

    "Let's support innovations that are public transportation," he stressed.

    Not only that, Emil hopes for collaboration between stakeholders and the West Java Provincial Government in developing West Java. No doubt, the regents and mayors were asked to be proactive and eager to build their regions.

    On the commemoration of the National Transportation Day at the West Java Province this year, Emil also gave awards in the form of a charter of 17 award categories to 27 recipients, ranging from local governments, offices, to companies.

    In addition, an electronic vehicle testing launching was held, Bekasi STTD Marching Band attractions, URC attractions of the Bekasi Regency Transportation Department, and martial arts attractions.

    The following is a list of award recipients at the West Java Provincial Transportation Day in 2019:
    1. Criteria for Regency / City Recipient of Wahana Tata Nugraha Cup 2019: Bandung City, Bogor City, Sukabumi City, Depok City, Cirebon City, Bandung Regency, Ciamis Regency and Kuningan Regency

    2. Criteria for Collaborative District / City Transportation Service 2019: Bekasi District Transportation Office

    3. Criteria for Innovative Regency / City Transportation Agency: Garut Regency Transportation Agency (Testing of Accredited and Smart City Based Vehicles)

    4. 2019 Lebaran Transportation Implementation Criteria:
    a. Polda and Polres that support the Organization of Lebaran Transport 2019: West Java Regional Police and Purwakarta Regional Police
    b. District / City Transportation Agency Provider of Free Homecoming in 2019: Bekasi District Transportation Office
    c. Regency / City Transportation Agency Actively Supports the Implementation of Lebaran Transportation in 2019: Purwakarta Regency Transportation Agency (Main Lebaran Transportation Post)
    d. Companies That Support the Implementation of Free Lebaran Homecoming in 2019: PT. Kereta Api Indonesia and Surya Putra Anugrah
    e. Supporting Institutions in Assistance for Lebaran Transportation Communication in 2019: ORARI West Java and RAPI West Java
    f. Banking Companies Supporting the Implementation of Lebaran Transportation in 2019: PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia

    5. Operator Operator Criteria Supporting Kertajati Airport Operations: Perum DAMRI (Free Passenger Kertajati Airport Passenger for 1 Year)

    6. Mass Media Criteria that Intensively Support Transportation Program 2019: Kompas TV Jabar

    7. Criteria for the Best Otobus Company in Services in 2019: PT. MGI

    8. Criteria for Communities That Have an Active Role in Socializing Road Safety: Community Edan Sepur DAOP 2 Bandung Raya

    9. Criteria for Abdi Yasa Telada in 2019: Yayan Mulyana (1st Place in West Java Province Level and 2nd Place in 2019 National Level from Bandung Regency)

    10. Pioneer Student Criteria in 2019: Azzahra Nur Ainiyyah from Sukabumi City

    11. Criteria for Guardians of Railway Crossing Doors: Oris Edi Handoko from Cirebon

    12. Inauguration Criteria of the Daer Management Board (DPD) PPNS of West Java Province: Chairman of the DPD of West Java Province.

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