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    Atalia Praratya Appreciates the Clean Indonesia Movement Action Launching Program


    BOGOR REGENCY- Indonesian First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo accompanied by the Chairman of the West Java Provincial PKK TP Atalia Praratya Kamil and the Organization Cabinet Solidarity Era Action Organization (OASE KK) inaugurated the Declaration of Clean Indonesia Movement Action on the banks of the Cipakancilan River, Cilebut Timur Village, Bogor Regency, Thursday (19th 19th) / 9/19).

    Before formalizing the program, Iriana along with Atalia and OASE KK visited the Cipakancilan River, which was filled with a pile of garbage. Iriana hopes that with the Declaration of Clean Indonesia Movement Action, the Cipakancilan River and all rivers in Indonesia will be free from waste.

    "He said yesterday it was clean, but because of the flow so the garbage was brought here again. Yesterday there were (trash) mattresses, household appliances, and many others, so I hope that after this the residents will help keep the river clean," Iriana said.

    According to Iriana, if the river is free from garbage, the area around the river can become a vehicle for play and a place for community activities. "Later, when it is clean from rubbish, here (the land around the river) can be a park, a playground, or a place to sell. So, residents can gather," he said.

    On the same occasion, garbage in the river which has a length of 8 km (6 km is in Bogor Regency and 2 km is in Bogor City) is transported using heavy equipment.

    Meanwhile, Atalia appreciated the Declaration of Clean Indonesia Movement Action. He also invited all the people of West Java to continue to maintain the cleanliness of the river. One way is by not throwing garbage into the river.

    "I appreciate the extraordinary attention from the First Lady along with the ranks of the OASE Cabinet Work, because this is really a great hope for us in the community that after all a First Lady is so considerate," said Atalia.

    "This is also related to how waste management in the community. Some places in West Java are how to change people's behavior, many consider the river is a landfill. For decades people have thrown garbage into the river," he added.

    Atalia also asked the community to get involved in the Declaration of Clean Indonesia Movement Action by cleaning up the piles of rubbish which are on the banks or over rivers. Especially the people who are around the Cipakancilan River - a river that is currently polluted by garbage.

    "This must be hard work together. All must participate in efforts to clean up this environment, because they cannot blame each other because the river flow can bring garbage from other places to the place," Atalia said.

    "Then how do from upstream to downstream do the movements simultaneously. From the upstream side they have to hold back throwing garbage to their proper place, then at the downstream they do routine cleaning," he added.

    Meanwhile, TP PKK Representative of the East Cilebut Village, Nuryani, expressed his gratitude for the attention and efforts of the central and regional governments. He also stated his readiness to increase public awareness in maintaining river cleanliness.

    "This river was very dirty in the past, but thank God now the Cipakancilan River has become clean. We, from the PKK element, will protect the river so that it can be used by citizens," Nuryani said.

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