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    West Java Regional Secretary Official Officially Opens the 2019 Young Scientist Competition


    BANDUNG CITY- Acting Regional Secretary of West Java Province Daud Achmad officially opened the 2019 Young Scientist Competition in Ki Hajar Dewantara District Education Office Prov. West Java, Bandung City, Wednesday (18/9/19).

    According to Daud, the activity can improve literacy, build character, and hone the competence of the younger generation. These three things are a positive provision for the young generation in responding to challenges in the industrial era 4.0.

    "Therefore activities like this can build students' creativity to work and appreciate science, as an effort to increase the power of innovation, literacy and the values ??of logic, ethics and aesthetics," said Daud.

    "Also, as students, of course you can inspire other people to always do positive and productive things," he added.

    Daud also advised students who had the opportunity to go to school abroad to contribute to building their region when returning to the country. "Keep on working, keep on improving your competence," said David.

    Meanwhile, the Head of Disdik Prov. High School Development Division. Jabar Yesa Sarwendi said that Young Scientist Competition aims to increase learning interest while motivating teachers to provide innovative and creative learning in the face of the industrial era 4.0.

    Young Scientist Competition itself has been held since 2013 by Pudak Scientific and Center for Young Scientists. In 2018, Pudak Scientific and the Center for Young Scientists worked together with Disdik Jabar in its administration.

    This year, Young Scientist Competition was participated by 28 high schools / vocational / junior high schools in West Java. The categories contested are Life Science, Environmental Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. The winners in each field will represent West Java at the national level held in November 2019 in Jakarta.

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