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    West Java Parliament Announces Six Names for Candidates in West Java Parliament 2019-2024


    BANDUNG CITY- West Java DPRD (West Java) DPRD Plenary Meeting Agenda which took place on Tuesday (17/9/19) at the West Java DPRD Building, Bandung City, one of which announced the proposal for a definitive leadership candidate for the DPRD West Java 2019-2024.

    In a meeting attended by West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, the West Java DPRD proposed six candidates for leadership who would then be submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) of the Republic of Indonesia.

    The six names consisted of one chairman and five deputy chairs, each of whom was Taufik Hidayat from the Gerindra Party (Chair), Achmad Ru'yat from PKS (Deputy Chair), Ineu Purwadewi Sundari from PDI-P (Deputy Chair), Ade Barkah Surahman from the Golkar Party (Deputy Chairperson), By Soleh from PKB (Deputy Chairperson), and Irfan Suryanagara from the Democratic Party (Deputy Chairperson).

    Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - did not comment on the new formation of the leadership of the West Java DPDR 2019-2024 period. The reason is, according to Emil, that is the domain of the DPRD itself.

    "This is the content of the kitchen, Mr. Taufik (Provisional Chair of West Java DPRD). So, he should ask him, "said Emil.

    To be sure, related to the function of the new fittings in West Java DPRD, Emil hopes that this can bring change for West Java.

    On the agenda, Emil and Provisional Chairperson of West Java DPRD Taufik Hidayat shook hands while clenching their hands as a sign of synergy between the West Java Provincial Government and West Java DPRD.

    "New era, new dynamics. I think with the presence of Mr. Taufik brought a fresh breeze of the leadership of the DPRD. We have often chatted, eaten together. If West Java is conducive, it can (be) absent," said Emil.

    Taufik, meanwhile, said the proposed names for candidates for the leadership of the West Java DPRD in 2019-2024 had been approved by all members of the West Java DPRD, totaling 120 people at the meeting.

    Even the number of DPRD leaders has changed from five people in the previous period. According to Taufik, the number of leaders of the West Java DPRD in 2019-2024 became six people because the number of councilors increased from 100 to 120.

    "We have just proposed a decision later from the Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia). Because according to that (number of councilors), if (number of members) 85-100 are five (leaders), if 120 how (to adjust), "said Taufik.

    "So, yes, it might be rejected, it might be passed (by the Ministry of Home Affairs)," Taufik concluded.

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