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    West Java, The First Provincial Forms Timpora


    BANDUNG-Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and Immigration in West Java formed the Foreigner Control Team (Timpora) for Fiscal Year 2016. In addition to provincial areas, the team assigned to monitor, prevent, and resolve issues related to foreigners which is also formed in the eight districts/cities in West Java.

    The inauguration of Timpora West Java province consisting of 19 people who was conducted in Mason Pine Hotel Kota Baru Parahyangan, Padalarang, West Bandung on Tuesday (04/12/2016). The 19 person is an officer or representative of the institution of local government in West Java, that are from the elements Provincial Government of West Java, West Java Regional Police, the High Court of West Java, Regional Military Commander III/Siliwangi, the Department of Labor in West Java, the National Unity and Politics (Bakesbangpol) of West Java, West Java Regional Intelligence, Customs Regional Office of West Java, as well as from  BNN of West Java.

    Moreover, on this occasion was inaugurated Secretariat and Timpora in eight Immigration Office in the whole of West Java, namely the Immigration Office Class I Bandung, Immigration Office Class II Bogor, Tasikmalaya, Sukabumi, Cirebon, Depok, Karawang, and the Immigration Office Class III Bekasi.

    Also present at this event are Members of West Java FKPD, Director General of Immigration Affairs of Kemenkumham, Head of the Intelligence Agency of West Java, Representative of the Head of BNN West Java Province, the Head of the OPD Related in the West Java provincial government, the Chief Immigration of West Java, as well as other invited guests.

    Vice Governor of West Java who was present at this event is very appreciated on West Java Timpora and Timpora at immigration offices in eight districts/cities in West Java. West Java Province so became the first province to simultaneously form Timpora.

    Vice Governor said that with various advantages that exist in such sectors as tourism and manufacturing industries in West Java, it became an attraction for anyone, either domestic or foreigner to come.

    "Monitoring for foreigners needs to be done with various forms of prevention that can disrupt security and order in the country, such as the potential for terrorism, drugs, to human trafficking, and international crime would be very possible if not monitored better," said Vice Governor in his speech.

    "Supervision against them should be done not only when they come but also as long as they exist in Indonesia, including the supervision of their activities," he added.

    The meeting is expected that Timpora is able to produce feedback, solutions, and policy related to surveillance of foreigners, as well as coordination and cooperation can be established both inter-related parties, so that surveillance on foreigners to do well too.

    "Timpora is a combination of several related agencies. This could be a strength and a weakness that many agencies. Could be something very powerful for various sectors could come in if synergy and coordination is right. But if this does not become a weakness. But if we are together in the interests of synergy I think it can be built better," said Vice Governor after the event.

    Head of Regional Office I of Kemenkumham West Java Province Wayan Sukerta said the flow of foreigners who will go to West Java will increase with the implementation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC), and another example is the implementation of a free-visa for visiting to 168 countries. According to him, it should be able to improve services and oversight of foreigners, so the selection of those that are beneficial to the country that could and allowed go to the NKRI.

    "The establishment of Timpora aimed to synergies all relevant government agencies. Timpora formed at the central, regional, district/city and district. Through coordination and strong synergy in the Timpora expected can minimise and resolve the foreigners issues,” said I Wayan in his speech at the inauguration ceremony and the inauguration of the Secretariat of Timpora.

    Until now the number of foreigners in the West Java amounted to 11,538 people, spread across 27 districts/cities and are under the supervision of eight immigration office with a concentration in Bandung Raya region and district/city in Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi. Activity or profession of their assortment, one of which many of those who work in the education sector.

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