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    14 Persib U-20 Players Got YPKP USB Scholarships


     BANDUNG- As many as 14 Persib Bandung U-20 players, received athletes scholarships to take S1 Education at Sangga Buana University (USB) YPKP Bandung.

    Chancellor of Sangga Buana University (USB) YPKP, Dr. H. Asep Effendi, the scholarship given to the Persib Bandung U-20 players as a form of USB YPKP's contribution in providing financial allocations for the sons and daughters of the Indonesian people who have good achievements in the arts and sports fields and other fields.

    "In previous years the USB YPKP also provided scholarships for the sons and daughters of Veterans in West Java, scholarships for lecturers' children, teachers and USB YPKP alumni who wanted to continue to the Masters program, last year we also gave scholarships to 3 Persib players consisting of from Febri Hariyadi, Gian Zola and Billy Keraf, "he said.

    Asep hopes that this scholarship program can help and advance sports and arts, including academics, especially the young generation of Indonesians who excel have the same right to improve their education in the future.

    "There is great hope for the scholarship recipients to be able to make the most of the scholarships that have been allocated by USB, then of course the second hope for those concerned is that USB has a commitment to help," he said.

    Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Board of Management of the Financial and Banking Education Foundation (YPKP), Ricky Agusyadi, the scholarship program was awarded through three channels, namely the achievement path, the poor (achievement) and the academic path.

    "For the achievement path of the Persib U 20 players, each student gets a scholarship of Rp.48 million, for 4 years of education at USB YPKP," said Ricky, at the USB YPKP Campus.

    The majority of Persib U-20 players take the Business Administration Study Program Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

    Here are the names of the players who received the Athlete Scholarship from Sangga Buana YPKP University:

    1 Ilham Qolba Rizky Wiguna PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    2 Taufik Isnan Gunawan PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    3 Aldian Saputra PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    4 Ahmad Faisal Player PERSIB Bandung U-20

    5 Panji Ali Permana Player PERSIB Bandung U-20

    6 Ade Candra Sena PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    7 Bhima Wibnu Fiki Ramadhan Player PERSIB Bandung U-20

    8 Mochamad Azam Ramadhan PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    9 Jovan Affan Al Ghony PERSIB Bandung U-20 player

    10 Wandi PERSIB Bandung U-20 Players

    11 M Syafril Lestaluhu PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    12 Mario Jardel PERSIB Bandung U-20 player

    13 Adrian Maulana Yusuf PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    14 Altalariq Erfa Aqsal PERSIB Bandung U-20 Player

    15 Gabriel Ragil M Player Training for PERSIB Bandung

    16 Muhamad Rizki Hamdani UNI Bandung Player

    17 Selly Andriani National Athlete, World Championship Pencak Silat Gold Medalist.


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