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    High Priest of Islamic Center of New York Supports English for Ulama Program


    BANDUNG CITY- Language limitations become one of the obstacles in communication, especially in the international sphere. Likewise for the scholars of the country.

    The knowledge they have cannot be conveyed to the world due to language barrier. Then, KH. Muhammad Syamsi Ali also praised the English for Ulama, West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) public program which provided scholars with English skills.

    As a scholar from South Sulawesi who grew up in the United States,
    Syamsi Ali considers English for Ulema to be the right course to introduce peaceful Islam to the world.

    As a country with the largest number of Muslims in the world, continued Syamsi Ali, Indonesian scholars need to present to the world about wasithiah or moderate Islam.

    "We want our scholars to have a dialogue with a variety of characters from world citizens. We need these scholars to be armed with international languages," said Syamsi Ali when giving a speech at Masjid A Muttaqin Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (16/9/19).

    "We must show Islam with a shady character, then we must go directly to foreign countries," added the figure who served as Imam of the Islamic Center of New York.

    Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil who also attended Islamic Studies said that the experience of Syamsi Ali who preached in New York was his motivation in making the English For Ulama program.

    "His patience in interacting internationally inspired. The English for Ulama program was inspired (by) him (Syamsi Ali)," Emil said.

    The Islamic Study with KH. Syamsi Ali as the High Priest of the Islamic Center of New York carries the theme 'English for Ulema & the Challenges of Islam in the Outside World'.

    The English For Ulama Program itself has provided training to 30 scholars in the first stage. And, in November, as many as five young West Java clerics will be sent to Britain to deliver messages of peace.

    "That Islam in Indonesia is moderate or moderate," Emil said.

    In addition, Emil added that he had plans to design a pesantren including a mosque that was being planned by Syamsi Ali to be established in the United States.

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