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    Making Blue Lake as West Java Leading Tourism Object


    KUNINGAN REGENCY - Situ Cicerem in Kaduela Village, Pasawahan Subdistrict, Kuningan Regency is considered capable of becoming a leading tourist attraction belonging to the Province of West Java (West Java).

    According to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, the potential of the tourist attraction which is often called the Blue Lake can be developed in accordance with the commitment of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) which will make West Java a tourism province.

    "As a province that has been declared to be a tourism province as the spearhead of West Java's economy, one by one the less well-known tourist destinations will be maximized, one of them here (Situ Cicerem)," Emil said - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - while visiting Situ Cicerem, Sunday (9/15/19).

    In accordance with its nickname as Blue Lake, nature tourism at the foot of Mount Ciremai does have blue water. Especially during the dry season, the blue color in the lake will look even more concentrated.

    Emil also claimed to be able to feel the freshness of the lake by swimming with other visitors. "Many fish have Bawal and other typical Kuningan fish which are very tame," said Emil.

    "Here is divided into two, there are routes of boating and swimming, I tried swimming earlier," he added.

    To speed up the process of developing Situ Cicerem, Emil appealed to the Head of Kaduela Village to immediately send a letter to the West Java Provincial Government. Emil made sure it would help with all development costs.

    Emil was also optimistic that the development of Situ Cicerem would have an impact on the welfare of the residents of Kaduela Village. The reason, continued Emil, in his leadership of 60 percent of West Java development will focus on the village.

    The development of Situ Cicerem tourism object is certainly welcomed by the management. Rahmat Hidayat, one of the managers, said that his party would immediately make a request letter to the West Java Provincial Government in accordance with procedures.

    "Of course this is positive news for us and we will immediately follow up," Rahmat said.

    Situ Cicerem aka Telaga Biru itself sets a fairly cheap ticket price of IDR 5,000. With easy access and cheap ticket prices, Rahmat said this attraction is visited by local and foreign tourists every day in Kuningan.

    "Here it is always full (visitors) let alone holidays, hopefully after it will be more crowded after being developed," Rahmat hoped.

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