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    West Java Deputy Governor Observed the Condition of TPI Legok Jawa and Abrasion in Citotok Village


    PANGANDARAN REGENCY- Abrasion or erosion of the coastal area in the village of Citotok as well as the condition of the landing place of a fishing boat in the Legok Jawa Village received the attention of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov).

    Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum also visited the two villages in Pangandaran Regency on Friday (9/13/19).

    According to Uu, abrasion in the coastal area of ??Citotok Village has been alarming and is considered to be able to cut off access roads in the vicinity.

    "Even though there is the authority of the central government because it is close to the road, but there is also the authority of the provincial government. If left unchecked, the road can be interrupted, moreover it is a core road," Uu said.

    To meet the expectations of the local community, continued Uu, the action against abrasion will soon be reviewed and it is hoped that the project can be carried out in 2020.

    "There must be an assessment of the depth of the sea, the strength of the waves, and later what technology should be used to prevent abrasion," he said.

    While related to the condition of the Fish Auction Place (TPI) of Legok Jawa Village, Uu said that fishing boat landing sites are always shallow.

    Even so, the fishermen of Legok Jawa Village felt that the dredging in their place must be done immediately because it impeded their activities to go to sea.

    "Previously, fish landings could be easily at the shoreline, now it is far so that many boats are damaged due to difficult landing terrain," Uu said.

    No doubt, the burden of fishermen spending increases to repair damaged boats. The distance of the landing place also discouraged the fishermen from going to sea. "Because it is difficult to leave and come, then ask to be dredged," said Uu.

    Later, said Uu, the dredging of TPI area in Legok Jawa Village also had a positive impact on fishermen's income. "There will be an increase in fish from fishermen. So the income of fishermen will be better and welfare will increase," he said.

    "And for (dredging), we have to use sophisticated technology. If you do it manually, it won't last long. If you spend money, the benefits will be longer," said Uu.

    Meanwhile, the Detailed Engineering Design (DED) of the TPI Village Legok Jawa dredging project is expected to be completed in 2019 so that the project can be started from 2020.

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