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    62nd Anniversary of Unpad, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Gives Public Lecture


    BANDUNG - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia Ignasius Jonan gave a public lecture with the theme "Equitable Energy", at the Unpad Campus in Jalan Dipatiukur, Bandung City, Wednesday (11/9). Jonan's presence coincided with the 62nd anniversary of Unpad Anniversary.

    At the 62nd anniversary this year, the theme that was carried was "Padjadjaran University on the World Stage", so that all the series of anniversary commemoration activities were focused on strengthening the role and real work of Padjadari University and strengthening synergy with all stakeholders at the regional, national, and international program to ensure the sustainability of Unpad's progress and bring about a positive impact on people's welfare.

    "On this occasion, we will both reflect on the various efforts and performance that we have done especially in producing leaders in the future that will bring Indonesia to become a superior, strong, just and prosperous country, and globally competitive, "Said Acting Rector Unpad Rina Indiastuti.

    In line with the strong commitment of the Indonesian government to focus on improving the quality of human resources, it is certainly a spirit as well as a challenge to strengthen the quality and relevance of Unpad. The innovation in implementing the Tridarma of Higher Education is in addition to producing world-class superior human resources, it also illustrates the results of research for the benefit of the people of Indonesia and West Java.

    In the current era of disruption, innovation has become a necessity if it does not want to be left behind with the various advances and demands of a rapidly changing era. Unpad is expected to be the actor and leader of the change.

    In the aspect of education as the first dharma, innovation in reorienting study programs and academic governance policies has been implemented in various forms with the principles of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).

    "Alhamdulillah, various efforts that have been made can produce happy achievements in the form of achievements to maintain the accreditation of institutions with the title A (Superior) from the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT) and as of the end of August yesterday, 115 Study Programs have been accredited A (Superior) by BAN-PT from 145 accredited study programs, "he added.

    While Minister Jonan in his speech explained some of the government's successes in the management of energy and mineral resources (ESDM).

    "At the end of this year, our electrification target is 99 percent. Next year it can be 100 percent, "he explained.

    In addition, he mentioned that there were 463,619 houses connected to the gas network by 2018, and built 55 boreholes in the disaster area to help clean water needs. "5 volcano observation posts are also under renovation," he said. Jo

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