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    West Java Governor: Development of the Rebana Area Begins


    MAJALENGKA REGENCY - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil carried out the groundbreaking of the construction of the Ultima Kertajati Horizon Hotel in Kertajati, Majalengka Regency, Wednesday (11/9/19). According to him, this is a sign of the start of the development of the Rebana Triangle area (Cirebon-Patimban-Kertajati).

    The groundbreaking was marked by the pressing of the siren button by Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil, Majalengka Regent Karna Sobahi, Deputy Majalengka Regent Tarsono D Mardiana, Commissioner of PT Metropolitan Land, Tbk. Nanda Widya, President Director of PT Metropolitan Land, Tbk. Thomas J Angfendy, and the Metland Board of Directors.

    "This kicks off that the concept of the Rebana region begins optimism with groundbreaking (ground breaking) today," Emil said.

    "Because I predict the future of West Java will be present in this region, the heart is in Majalengka," he added.

    According to Emil, there are no strategic areas in Indonesia such as Rebana - a region adjacent to the port of Patimban and the West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati. He also called the Rebana area as a futuristic city.

    "There is no port area close to the airport. Look for Indonesia that has this strategic area," he said.

    In addition, Emil also hopes the Ultima Kertajati Horizon Hotel can bring progress to Majalengka. Moreover, the Majalengka tourism sector is developing. This makes Majalengka a destination for tourists who come to West Java. He also requested that Metland prioritize local residents to work in his hotel.

    "I am sure the construction of this hotel will bring extraordinary progress. And I ask for priority on local residents (workers)," he said.

    Meanwhile, Majalengka Regent Karna Sobahi welcomed the construction of the Ultima Kertajati Horizon Hotel. According to him, the hotel is not only supporting infrastructure in the area around Kertajati Airport, but also supporting tourism facilities in Majalengka.

    Moreover, said Karna, currently Majalengka is busy accepting the arrival of investors who want to invest their capital in Majalengka. "We are committed to how investors feel safe, comfortable and cool in carrying out their investments," he said.

    Karna explained, the investment realization of Majalengka Regency for two years continued to increase. In 2017 and 2018, the investment value in Majalengka was Rp. 551.9 billion and Rp. 1,145 trillion. Meanwhile, in January-August 2019, the investment value reached Rp 1.3 trillion.

    "Our investment value of 60 percent comes from foreign investment (PMA) and 40 percent from domestic," he said.

    In addition, the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) provided strategic program assistance to Majalengka, such as assistance for the construction of the Majalengka Square worth Rp 18 billion and the development of tourist destination areas.

    "So, right now, we are strengthening the RTRW that we are adjusting to the provincial RTRW," Karna said.

    PT Metropolitan Land, Tbk. (Metland) through its subsidiary, PT Sumber Tata Lestari, presented Horison Ultima Kertajati Hotel to meet the accommodation needs of airplane passengers, as well as other people who are active in BIJB Kertajati.

    "We are the first private party to participate in the development of supporting facilities for Kertajati Airport or the airport city area," said President Director of PT Metropolitan Land, Tbk. Thomas J Angfendy in his written press release received by the West Java Public Relations Report Team.

    Horison Ultima Kertajati Hotel is a four-star hotel with a modern design and local touch. Built on a land area of ??approximately 10,890 square meters, the hotel consists of eight floors and one floor, as well as 110 rooms for the construction of the first phase of a planned 200 rooms. Facilities include a convention hall with a capacity of up to 700 people, meeting rooms, swimming pools, lobby lounges, restaurants, fitness centers, and commercial areas.

    "The location of the Ultima Kertajati Horison Hotel is very strategic, only two kilometers from the (Kertajati) Airport. This provides added value to the hotel," said Thomas.

    The target of the Ultima Kertajati Horizon Hotel are airline crews, travelers, domestic and foreign tourists who stop in Kertajati, as well as employees and executives who work in the industrial area around Kertajati.

    Land Grants for Hospitals

    On the same occasion, PT Metropolitan Land, Tbk. (Metland) also granted two hectares of land. This land is intended for the construction of a hospital (RS).

    "Metland also donated two hectares of land for the benefit of the Majalengka community and the people of West Java. We will later process it to be the best hospital and can serve public health services," Emil said.

    Emil said The funding for the construction of the hospital can come from various funding sources, such as the Majalengka Regency Regional Budget or the West Java Province Regional Budget. The hospital development target is expected to be completed within a maximum of three years.

    "Later on how to build, whether the portion of the APBD (district) or portion (APBD) of the province, or the national (APBN), there will be no problem, we will find it. But, in a matter of years there should have been a good hospital. , no more than three years, "he said.

    President Director of PT Metropolitan Land, Tbk. Thomas J Angfendy said, the hospital was also expected to be a supporting facility for Kertajati Airport. The location of this land is 600 meters from the Ultima Kertajati Horison Hotel.

    "We intend to donate the land of two cements to support the construction of Kertajati airport in the form of a hospital," Thomas said.

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