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    West Java Deputy Governor Reminds of Importance of Employment Social Security


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, labor protection needs to be encouraged to improve the welfare of workers, both formal workers or wage earners as well as informal workers or non-wage earners via labor social security.

    Therefore, Uu appreciates the 2019 Social Security Award or Paritrana Award. According to him, the program is able to increase the concern of all parties, both the government, employers and the community, on the importance of protecting social security in labor.

    "Especially those within the Regional Government who have received honorariums, incentives to be encouraged to become participants so that if there are social risks workers do not lose opportunities for protection benefits," said Uu while attending the Socialization of the Labor Social Security Award 2019-BPJS Employment at the Hilton Hotel, Bandung City , Tuesday (9/10/19).

    Uu also said, the number of BPJS Employment participants in West Java was not 100 percent. There are still formal and informal workers who have not received employment social security protection.

    Therefore, Uu invited all stakeholders to increase BPJS Employment participation in West Java. Because, he said, increasing the protection and welfare of workers is a joint task.

    At present, there are 20.9 million Jabar residents who work. The details are 10.8 million formal workers and 10.1 million informal workers. "The number is the number of West Java workers who must get employment social security protection," Uu said.

    "At present there are 50 percent of formal workers or the equivalent of 5 million workers who get social security, while the informal sector or non-salary recipients there are 95 percent or equivalent to 9.5 million workers who have received social security," he added.

    On the same occasion, Uu mentioned that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) had a role in the regulatory aspects. One of them is to make policies with the aim of increasing the awareness of all parties regarding the importance of protecting social security in labor. Meanwhile, companies must comply with applicable regulations.

    "And workers can improve the work ethic that has an impact on productivity," he concluded.

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