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    West Java Deputy Governor: Sharia Capital Market Industry Must Be Inclusive


    BANDUNG CITY - With a population of 48.683 million people or approximately 20 percent of the total population of Indonesia, West Java (West Java) is not only the province with the largest population in the country.

    West Java became the province with the largest Muslim population in Indonesia, reaching 45.5 million people or 97 percent of the population. In West Java, there are approximately 12,000 boarding schools scattered in almost all districts / cities.

    Of the potential for public health, Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, the Islamic financial system is very feasible to be developed in West Java, including the development trends of the Islamic capital market industry.

    Even so, continued Uu, what needs to be considered is the application of the Islamic financial system, particularly related to the Islamic capital market, must be inclusive and desirable by all levels of society.

    "Don't be elitist in nature, the socialization must also be comprehensive to (27) cities / districts, delivered to villages, to ulama, preachers, also to students, until reaching all the ears of the community," said Uu.

    Present at the 'Sharia Capital Market Socialization Goes to Office' in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (09/10/2019), Uu also said that the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) strongly supports the sharia capital market socialization.

    Because the trend is in line with the spirit of innovation and collaboration carried by the West Java Provincial Government in realizing its vision and mission.

    "We also support the socialization of Islamic capital markets, because there is a value of innovation and collaboration in it. This has been with the mission of West Java Champion Born Inner," said Uu.

    "So that the Islamic capital market can become a new instrument in developing business and attracting investors in the path of God," he concluded.

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