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    West Java LKPPD 2018: 20 Regencies / Cities in the Green Zone


    BANDUNG CITY - Based on the results of the Regional Government Performance Evaluation (EKPPD) of the Provincial and Regency / City Local Government Implementation Report (LPPD) in West Java in 2018, 20 Regencies / Cities are included in the Green Zone (very high) and 6 Regencies / Cities Yellow Zone (height). Meanwhile, another regency, namely Pangandaran, has not yet entered the performance evaluation stage. Because the conditions of government administration, which is running for three years, have not been fulfilled.

    "For West Java out of 27 (kokab) only 26 were assessed last year, because in Pangandaran the terms are three years in general governance, so this year it will be assessed," West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said when met after receiving the 2019 EKPPD National Team and Team Mapping the Capacity of Local Government in Gedung Sate, Bandung City, Tuesday (10/9/19).

    "Of the 26 examined, 20 have entered the green zone (very high), of which six are yellow or high zones," he added.

    According to Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname - there were a few problems that made 6 regencies / cities with high status. "So, in the calculation if there is a problem, it will immediately be penalized. "That penalty makes (the regency / city), which was in the green zone (very high), only high (the yellow zone)," he said.

    The West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) has taken several steps to optimize the performance of local government administration, including: (1) Building a joint commitment with the district / city to improve performance achievements each year; (2) Coordination meetings on preparations for the preparation of the LPPD with technical teams at the provincial and district / city levels; (3) Assistance to regional apparatus and district / city LPPD drafting team, especially in conducting independent evaluations; (4) Delivering LPPD 2018 documents in a timely manner to the government and submitting LPPD summaries to the public through print and electronic media.

    Emil said that the results of the LPPD evaluation would be directly proportional to the leadership commitment of the regional head. Therefore, he reminded the Regent and Mayor to intervene directly.

    "The quality of the administration of this region is directly proportional to leadership. So, I entrust the Mayor or Deputy Mayor, and the Regent or Deputy Regent must go down. "If I only wait for reports from the bottom - I believe the ranks are all that much," Emil said.

    "But if the leader goes straight down, the ranking usually goes straight," he added.

    Emil gave an example of the Indramayu Regency which was ranked 1 for the 2018 LPPD. "This year the only ranking came from the former ranking in the middle of jumping to number one, Indramayu Regency," he said.

    "What's the recipe? Pak Bupatinya went down right away, Pak Sekdanya also, the head of the undisciplined department was arrested by his TPP. Simple. Because this LPPD has only one business, discipline. So, respect the diligent and sanction the lazy, "he added.

    For this reason, said Emil, the West Java Provincial Government will provide an increase in financial assistance for regions with good LPPDs. "I have instructed that if the LPPD is good the provincial financial assistance will also increase. We want to appreciate those who work hard, "he said.

    EKKPD encourages West Java Provincial Government to provide better community services. This was done through an appropriate and fast solution to the development problems seen from three aspects, namely aspects of community welfare, aspects of public services, and aspects of competitiveness.

    Meanwhile, the Head of the Government Bureau and Cooperation of the Regional Secretariat of West Java Province Dani Ramdan revealed, in general based on the 2018 EKPPD, all districts / cities experienced an increase. However, there are those who experience a rapid increase, but there are also those whose increases are relatively moderate or small.

    "What has been described earlier by the Governor (Ridwan Kamil) is indeed the commitment of the regional head, that is also the Regional Secretary (Regional Secretary) who comes down directly, organizing the heads of services to meet all the supporting data and completeness," Dani said.

    Dani also gave an example of the Indramayu Regency, which aside from having complete carrying capacity, almost all of the OPDs were able to compile service SOPs. "So, there are almost a thousand more SOPs compiled during the year by Indramayu, so that adds very significant points," he said.

    "Whereas what is lacking is the opposite because the Regent does not pay enough attention, so that the heads of his offices are also somewhat slack. So, this leadership factor is very significant for this LPPD aspect, "he added.

    "In addition there are indeed a number of national policies that can reduce performance, for example in terms of permit restrictions, there are also impacts," added Dani.

    The following are the results of the West Java Province EKKPD in the last 5 (five) years: 2013 was ranked 5th with a score of 2.77267; 2014 ranked 3rd with a score of 2.9202; 2015 ranked 2nd with a score of 3,176; 2016 ranked 2nd with a score of 3.2496; and 2017 ranked 2nd with a score of 3.2842.

    While the number of districts / cities that have very high status each year increases. In 2013, there were 7 regencies / cities, in 2014 19 regencies / cities, 2015 23 regencies / cities, 2016 26 regencies / cities. However, in 2017 there was a decrease in status in 6 regencies / cities due to problems affecting the regional heads.

    On this occasion, Dani also explained, the West Java Provincial Government has implemented the LKPPD (e-LPPD) electronics this year. He also stated, West Java had preceded the national implementation of LPPD electronics.

    "We have overtaken the national. For the preparation of 2018. our LPPD for the first time has used LPPD electronics, "Dani said.

    "So, from the district / city can be input without having to come to Bandung, the files can be uploaded and we can also check directly on the monitor, so there is no need to open the files one by one, so that where the extreme data is found, We continue to communicate the lack of data, "he added.

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