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    Sharia Capital Market Session takes place at Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said there are still many people who do not know or even understand about the capital market, let alone the Islamic capital market, so that massive socialization is needed in this regard.

    "I think even Kyai, including Muslim entrepreneurs, are still ordinary, so for the success of the Islamic capital market in West Java, this socialization is very important. Because this is also identical with the vision and mission of West Java Champion Born Inner, "he explained in Gedung Sate, Tuesday (10/9).

    He said that socialization must be carried out throughout the community not only to the elite financial management.

    "It can be through recitation to convey there is an Islamic capital market. Not anti conventional, but now there are sharia, it's better, "he explained.
    He hopes that with this massive socialization more people will know about the existence of the Islamic capital market.

    West Java OJK Chair Triana Gunawan said the sharia capital market socialization "goes to office" is one part of an education program to increase public literacy through information dissemination and raising awareness / awareness, especially regarding investing in the Islamic capital market.

    "That is expected to increase the number of investors who are ultimately active in transacting on the Islamic capital market," he added. Jo

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