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    West Java Deputy Governor: Make Sport a Necessity of Life


    BANDUNG CITY - Commemoration of the National Sports Day (Haornas) 2019 is a momentum to make sport a necessity of life. As stated by the Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum after the 36th Haornas ceremony at the West Java level with the theme ‘Come Sports, Anywhere, and Anytime at Gedung Sate, Monday (9/9/19).

    "We must be able to make this sport a necessity of life. Anywhere at any time without fixating on the place and the ingredients we must be able to do sports. Sports can be expensive or cheap depending on us but the important thing is we have to exercise," Uu said.

    According to Uu, exercise is one of the factors in increasing the degree of public health. The success and failure of development, one of which is determined by the health and well-being of the community. "Health is a dominant factor in development," he said.

    There are two types of sports, namely achievement sports and recreation. Achievement sports, said Uu, Jabar's motivation to become champions in national and international events. Including becoming the overall champion in PON XX / Peparnas XVI 2020 in Papua.

    "In accordance with our vision, West Java champions physically and spiritually, meaning that West Java must win later in the PON. We support the budget support to KONI and NPCI including for Pelatda in the budget for this change," Uu said.

    On the same occasion, Uu launched the Jabar Champion fitness gymnastics. It aims to improve public health and civilize sports. Uu along with the head of West Java OPD participated in the exercise with ASN and the community.

    "The statement states a healthy mind, great and diamonds will be in a healthy and strong body so exercise is very important," he said.

    West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) also gave awards to outstanding athletes, referees, and sports activists. In addition to giving the charter, the West Java Provincial Government handed over a development fund of Rp. 40 million.

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