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    Dozens of Students Join Healthy Internet Socialization


    BANDUNG CITY-Dozens of High School Students from a number of schools in the city of Bandung took part in a Seminar on Healthy Internet and Prevention of Hate Tests held in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Friday (06/09).

    The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that this activity was very good especially to educate young people, especially the people of West Java, about the prohibition and no useful use of hate speech or hoaks.

    "If they are not given about it, they are afraid to take part in such an atmosphere, I do not expect there to be a split because of social control that cannot be controlled, now there are sanctions there are rules, it is clear that if anyone does that we act with the existing rules, "He said.

    According to the Deputy Governor, this seminar is the responsibility of the government, both the central government and the provincial government to provide a sense of security, peace of mind to the people of West Java.

    "If this information to us is a national program, to withhold or minimize the negative impacts and to be welcomed with the West Java Provincial Government, so this is collaboration, meaning that the government is focused on issues or news that are considered to be misleading that must be anticipated by government, society, "he said.

    Deputy Governor stated, the internet and hate speech have a connection, where the hate testing is spread through social media and also the internet, so there is an internet connection with the hate test.

    "The internet presence has indeed a negative and positive impact, if the internet is used for speech. hatred means it's negative. But the internet is positive if it is used to search for knowledge, find work, economic opportunities. Therefore, let us take advantage of the presence of the internet in cyberspace for the benefit of the nation and state, should not be used for corruption, "he explained. (Parno)

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