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    Mualimin: Respect the Rights of Others


    BANDUNG-Freedom of association and expression of opinion is a human right. As stated by the Director General of Human Rights (Dirjen HAM) Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham), Mualimin Abdi, in a seminar on Healthy Internet and Prevention of Hate Tests which was held in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Friday (06/09).

    However, according to Mualimin, if such freedom is implemented carelessly such as spreading hoax or hoaxes, slander whose purpose is to attack others, then in reality they are in conflict with the rights of everyone.

    "The implementation of human rights must not be arbitrary, must not be haphazard, must not be arbitrary, then the implementation of human rights must also pay attention to the rights of others," said Mualimin.

    Mualimin stated that, our constitution and Constitution are very clear where everyone is also entitled to personal protection.

    "If our internet is not used wisely, the purpose of which is to attack the honor of others, even if it says freedom to express opinions, then the true person who attacks the honor of others by spreading slander, spreading hoaxes and so on, then in truth he is also in conflict with human rights for everyone, "he said.

    Mualimin added, when we talk about human rights for ourselves, then we must also pay attention to the rights of others.

    "The rights here are obligations there, the rights over there are obligations here, God willing, if the internet is used for good things then the Republic of Indonesia that we love will no longer be spreading hoax information which then arises unintended consequences," he concluded. (Parno)

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