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    Ridwan Kamil Mentioned the Development Results Can Be Felt in the Third Year


    BANDUNG CITY - The leadership of the Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil and Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum even reached one year on 5 September 2019.

    Responding to this, Emil - familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil - said that the first year was the year to build the foundation. Referring to the theory of democratic governance, Emil said that the results of foundation building were seen in the third year.

    "The term is we (Ridwan Kamil-Uu) are farming, so not all of them can be harvested, but there are also those that can be harvested," Emil said after the Informal agenda (Ridwan Kamil Information) in the Gedung Sate Building in Bandung, Friday (6/9) / 19).

    "The results were felt in the third year. So the first year built the foundation, the second year accelerated, and the third year achieved results," he added.

    In this second edition of Informil, Emil also outlines a number of West Java Provincial Government achievements that have been seen in the first year, one of which concerns village development.

    According to Emil, more than 500 villages in West Java have risen from the status of developed to advanced villages, in fact there are no more villages with very poor status. "We have helped many villages with the One Village One Company (OVOC) program, Tourism Village and Digital Village," Emil said.

    Emil also realized that one of the problems in West Java was rural and urban economic inequality. Therefore, 60 percent of development is focused on villages.

    "Hopefully every year until the end of my term of office, all villages will become independent," he stressed.

    Regarding infrastructure development, Emil said that a number of railway lines are currently in the projections of reactivation to sustain the tourism sector, including the Banjar-Pangandaran and Bandung-Ciwidey railways which are priorities.

    In addition, Emil also invites the public to utilize technology in the digital era so that they feel a much better and faster service. Jabar Quick Response and Jabar Clean Sweep (Saber) Hoaks are proof of the innovation services of the West Java Regional Government.

    "In the first year there were 49 awards related to achievements. We present Jabar Quick Response to solve social and economic problems in the community. There is Jabar Saber Hoaks, the only (similar program) in Indonesia. We also reformed the bureaucracy with the Pentahelix theory. I think this achievement is already outside usual, "Emil said.

    "We also thank the DPRD for providing input related to sub-optimal health services and of course we will improve," he added.

    Meanwhile, West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, for a year accompanying Ridwan Kamil to lead 27 regencies / cities, he felt he had a greater challenge than when he served as regent.

    When carrying out his assignment, Uu also admitted that he learned a lot from Ridwan Kamil. In the division of tasks, Uu said he was given the task of finding 10 tourism potentials in the village as well as tasks related to religion.

    "Kang Emil always gives input to me, for example looking for tourism potential in the villages to be developed (West Java Provincial Government)," said Uu.

    "Kang Emil also gave me assignments related to the religious field. The things that Kang Emil could not attend I could do, meaning we complement each other," he said.

    Ahead of working together in the second year, Uu targeted that the development would still refer to the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) and the vision and mission of the West Java Champion Born Inner. Uu was optimistic that in the remaining four years until 2023, although not perfect, the target would be achieved and show significant progress.

    "The point is that within the next four years, God willing, the Champion of the Inner Birth can be achieved. We are optimistic, even though it is not perfect, but there is progress such as better infrastructure, reduced unemployment, increased health and education participation as well as welfare, that's what we pursue," close Uu.

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