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    Students with Special Needs Following the Disaster Simulation


    BANDUNG-A total of 80 special needs students from three schools in Bandung. SLB Negeri A Bandung, SLB Cicendo, and SLB Kasih Ibu followed a simulation disaster situation.

    Vice Principal of Curriculum in SDN Negeri A Bandung, Tarman said this event aims to introduce and disseminate to children with special needs how that should be done if an earthquake occurs.

    "Unlike the others, the introduction of disaster mitigation to those with special needs to be made more complete," said Tarman to www.Jabarprov.go.id, in SLB Negeri A Bandung, Monday (11/04/16).

    According to Tarman, disaster simulation activities held by Wahana Visi Indonesia to those who have special needs, such as deaf, blind, and students with special obstacles could give them an understanding of what to do when disaster comes.

    "The easiest to apply when disasters occurs, particularly earthquakes is that children can get into the shelter, eg under the table," he said

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