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    West Java Governor Received an Award from the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia


    JAKARTA-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil received the Nugra Jasa Darma Pustaloka award for the category of Public Officials Who Played an Active Role in the Development of Libraries and Cultivating Reading Fondness from the Republic of Indonesia's National Library at The Ballroom Jakarta Theater, Thursday (5/9/19).

    "We are given an award for being one of the provinces most active in moving literacy, the first position of South Sumatra out of 34 provinces," Emil - greeting Ridwan Kamil said.

    Emil himself received the award thanks to his efforts to improve the literacy of the people of West Java by launching the Kotal Smart Literacy (Kolecer) program. The program that aims to increase the interest in reading in West Java is one of the innovations of the West Java Provincial Government (Pemdaprov) today.

    "We have a special retailer program, by moving literacy boxes on the streets, in markets, in hospitals and everywhere," he said.

    According to Emil, increasing literacy needs to be done so that the people of West Java are not easily influenced by hoax or hoax information. In addition, he said, West Java Provincial Government will make literacy as an accountability performance of West Java in the future.

    "The point with this award motivates us to continue to innovate to improve the literacy index in West Java," he said.

    Meanwhile, Head of the National Library of Indonesia Muh Syarif Bando said the award was given as an appreciation for literacy activists. Starting from community leaders, officials, journalists, to the library manager.

    "Thank God Indonesia, which was previously ranked 60 out of 61, we can jump to 16 out of the 30 countries surveyed. We can even be better than Korea, Japan, Britain and America with an average of 6 hours per week," he said.

    In the event, Indonesian Read Ambassador Najwa Shihab was also present.

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